Saturday, July 4, 2020

Women of Halliburton: Meet Sarah, Mud Engineer

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Halliburton, a valued Pink Petro community sponsor and corporate member, is publishing a series of videos across social media as part of a campaign to highlight the impressive women in its ranks.

Meet Sarah Zuck, a mud engineer at Halliburton who spends her days offshore by the Gulf of Mexico. For Sarah, it’s the job’s continuous learning that keeps her alert and focused.

“My career has been extremely rewarding. Every day when I’m offshore, I look around, and I just think about how I’m getting to do and see things that most people can’t even imagine.”

Sarah Zuck, Halliburton

For more on how you can join the team at Halliburton, explore open opportunities at Experience Energy

Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson is a champion of women in business — from innovators and entrepreneurs to executives and nonprofit leaders and founder of Brave New Word.

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