Women of Halliburton: Meet Courtney Beck, Geologist and Women’s Advocate

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Halliburton, a valued Pink Petro community sponsor and corporate member, is publishing a series of videos across social media as part of a campaign to highlight the impressive women in it’s ranks. 

This week, meet Courtney Beck, a geologist and earth modeler at Halliburton. Courtney is also a board member of Halliburton’s global women’s organization, Women Sharing Excellence. In this video, she shares her thoughts on how and why to pursue a career in a STEM field.

“I think there’s a lot of young women out there who don’t know that STEM careers are for everyone, and I think they get discouraged along the way.”

Courtney Beck

For more on how you can join the team at Halliburton, explore open opportunities at Experience Energy