What Is Pink Petro TV?

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Like  The Birth of Pink Petro happened on a few paper napkins on that 777 from London to Houston, several months back I doodled on a few napkins and Pink Petro TV was born.

After hosting the HERWorld Energy Forum in 2016 amidst $26 (gulp) oil, we had an a-ha moment here at Pink Petro. In late 2015 when we realized no one would be able to travel for any kind of education, our community got creative.  Our members and sponsors told us what content we wanted so we pulled it together.  We held a no frills forum and first birthday, brought speakers together, served boxed lunches, assembled 300 in an auditorium at Halliburton, and streamed to a few thousand online on International Women’s Day.   We trended on social media for 6 hours engaging outsiders to become a part of the energy conversation, which made us proud.

This year  HERWorld18 engaged 7500 to participate globally with 25 private sites and six public sites.

What we learned is you like video.

Who doesn’t?  It’s visual and engaging.  Sometimes it’s CRAZY boring but as humans we like to see and experience others and ourselves.  And in an industry that’s redefining itself, why wouldn’t we be there to capture the moments?

We also learned you like engaging on your own time.  

You want meaningful high impact experiences not rubber chicken sales events to add to your already packed schedule.

We also KNOW you like watching and reading and engaging with us which builds your influence.

You share, comment, like, and re-tweet and get social with us.  The relationship economy we live in has changed the way you will live and work forever and we’re at the forefront of that together.

Pink Petro TV is broadcasting weekly to bring you live news and insights.

Two-time Emmy award-winning journalist and former NBC anchor Linda Lorelle  and I have developed a series of six shows.  Each are geared at different topics that debunk, educate, engage, and inspire.   What’s Our Take is the first.    Our motive is simple: elevate the industry, companies and people (all of you) that make our world run.  It’s so time.

Pink Petro TV aspires to change hearts and minds.

If my 6-year old daughter Ally thinks she has a standing chance at becoming “whatever” in industry…she needs to see and experience energy in a different way.  Go google energy and you’ll see what I mean.  Go to an industry conference and experience what I’m saying. (I don’t have to, many of you have already agreed with me on my Opinion: Beers, Guns and Babes Have No Place in Industry post)   Women and minorities need a seat and a voice at the table with men.  Inclusive workplaces are a must. Like safety, inclusion is a license to operate, not a nice to have and we’re helping companies and industry create that new culture where we include and engage others to join us!

So come experience energy with us …. and watch live, on demand or simulcast to Facebook.

Or better yet… be a part of it.  Drop me a line at membership@pinkpetro.com and we’ll get you connected.