Three Things to Know This Week in Energy – 3/5/2018

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    1. HERWorld 2018 is this week!

    It’s finally here!  Yay!  This year’s HERWorld theme is: The New Energy Playbook: GRIT – Growth, Resilience, Innovation & Transition

    The evidence of dramatic change is all around us and it’s happening at exponential speed. The industry, as a whole, is entering the dawn of a new era of transition and transformation. A resilient, reliable, and secure energy future is essential to the global economy, and it’s no surprise the energy industry and the entire value chain is undergoing a transition.  New fuels, technologies and innovation are driving opportunities, and the New Energy Playbook is all about G.R.I.T!

    This is the 3rd installment HERWorld and will be broadcast to cities, again, globally to bring together energy professionals in a unique learning and relationship building setting.  HW2018’s main stage will be in Houston, Texas at the Norris Conference Center.

    Our keynote speaker will be Dr. Jen Welter.  Jennifer Welter, PhD, made history as the first woman to coach in the NFL when she joined the Arizona Cardinals at training camp in 2015. The story of how she got there is nearly as remarkable as the accomplishment itself, and a must hear!  Private and public events will be held worldwide, and members and others can participate from any internet connected device.

    2. Annual CERAWeek to be held in Houston this week.

    The 37th CERAWeek, an annual energy conference that features presentations and discussions by energy industry and governmental leaders, started Monday here in Houston.

    This year’s theme for the event is “Tipping Point: Strategies for a New Energy Future.”

    As leaders and industry experts gather, the plan is to discuss the dynamics of the energy markets, technology, governmental policies, environment, the new global economy, and the strategies meet the challenges facing the energy industry in the coming year.  CERAWeek is expected to have 3,000 global industry leaders and policymakers from over 60 countries and the energy value chain.

    3. US shale oil output is booming.

    U.S. shale output has surged to a 47-year high must faster than anyone anticipated, hitting 10 million barrels a day in November and going up from there.  This has put the U.S. ahead of Saudi Arabia as the world’s second-biggest oil producer behind Russia.

    The growth is expected to continue over the next five years, but the amount of cash that gets put to work in U.S. shale fields will play a major factor in future output.  As of now, few drillers have the needed assets to fulfill future demand. That means frackers remain dependent on debt, equity and other types of outside capital to replenish rapidly depleting wells.