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This is your chance to weigh in on the state of inclusion in energy

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Last week, we told you about an exciting initiative we’re launching in collaboration with the Experience Energy GRIT Awards on Oct. 3 (get your tickets here!) — the Energy Diversity and Inclusion IndexTM. And you all have responded — in droves.

First, thank you for embracing this opportunity to take the pulse of the state of inclusion in energy. Nothing like this has been done to date, and we’re looking forward to offering new insight into the entire industry supply chain.

But we’re not done yet.

Although we’ve collected more than 250 responses, we need more — not only to get a more accurate pool of data but also to gather greater participation from under-represented groups, geographies and sectors.

More ethnic & racial diversity

What do we mean by that? For one, the vast majority of our survey respondents thus far — 70% by last count — have been white. We’ve collected responses from those who identify as Hispanic (11%), African-American and South Asian (tied at about 5%), but we’d like to see much more participation from a range of races and ethnicities. After all, this survey is all about inclusion.

How can you help?  Spread the survey around your company’s employee resource groups or to the members of your team who represent different racial and ethnic backgrounds. We want to know their thoughts on energy as a whole.

More geographic diversity

We’re also seeing a high concentration of responses from those living in the United States (79%), with the rest spread mostly between Australia, Canada, India, Italy, Norway, Sudan, UAE and the UK. Energy is global, and we’ve always intended Pink Petro and Experience Energy to serve a global audience. We want the Energy Diversity & Inclusion IndexTM to do the same.

How can you help?  Send the survey to your colleagues and friends in all parts of the world. Studies have shown the lack of diversity in energy is not a uniquely American problem. To tackle it, we need to know what’s going on around the globe, not just in our own backyard.

More young professionals

When it comes to age, the majority of respondents thus far fall between the ages of 25 and 54. Career level and experience seem to coincide with that range, with most of our respondents labeling themselves as either middle management or intermediate career level, with the rest split between senior management and C-level executives. That means we need more young, entry-level professionals to weigh in. We know the industry struggles to retain top talent, and we need to know why.

How can you help?  Pass the survey along to your interns and the youngest members of your team. Even if they haven’t been in the industry long, it’s important to know the impressions they’re getting right off the bat. That could provide valuable information about how to keep them engaged for the long haul.

More sector diversity

Lastly, we’ve collected a ton of responses from those working in upstream oil and gas, with decent representation from downstream and midstream companies as well. But we want the Energy Diversity & Inclusion IndexTM to represent the entire energy supply chain, from transportation and utilities to professional services. We also want it to represent newer forms of energy, such as renewables, hydro and nuclear.

How can you help?  Send the survey to your colleagues and friends in different parts of the industry and encourage them to participate.

What people are saying

Part of our survey leaves room for free-form responses — anecdotes, stories and opinions. The index is completely anonymous, so it’s an opportunity to weigh in with personal insight without fear of retribution. Here’s what a few of you have said so far.

“At one point, I was getting paid over 15% less than my male counterpart that had just been hired on with the same years of experience. I had to bring up to management that I needed to know why I was being compensated differently from other engineers. They decided to give me a raise but to not mention it to anyone. I still did not meet the pay level of my counterpart, but something is better than nothing.”

Anonymous survey respondent

We have a fabulous mix for diversity. This enables all of us to be comfortable sharing views and adding value. We are a young company and the CEO sets the tone – open and honest. Having worked for 25 years in banking, this is a much better work environment!

Anonymous survey respondent
“I feel that most of the I&D efforts at my company have been focused on biological differences, like race, Gender, sexual orientation and age. I think the conversation could be greatly improved if we looked at the other many dimensions of diversity available to us, whether they are personal (personality, hobbies, marital/parental status, geography, etc.) or work-related (location, seniority, department/division/group, functional level or classification, etc).”

This is your chance to weigh in on the state of inclusion in energy. Don’t miss out — click here to access the survey. And don’t forget to join us at the Experience Energy GRIT Awards on Oct. 3 to hear the results live!

Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson is a champion of women in business — from innovators and entrepreneurs to executives and nonprofit leaders and founder of Brave New Word.

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