The Network Integrator External Forces on Utility Operating Models

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    KPMG LLP’s (KPMG) Global Energy Institute is pleased to announce the release of part 1 of The Network Integrator Journey: External Forces on Utility Operating Models.

    This three-part series features a Plugged In article and video on the concept of the network integrator. KPMG’s Plugged In articles allow subject matter professionals to address key issues and trends that are driving and shaping power and utilities companies today.

    The Network Integrator Journey three-part series is a follow-up to the original article, “The Utility as the Network Integrator” and will feature a Plugged In article and video that highlights the opportunities, challenges, risks, and other business issues that traditional electric companies (distribution companies) will likely face as they transition from the current state to the concept of the network integrator. 

    The series, which kicks off today with Part 1, will be released over the coming months, and will help define key steps that utility companies need to take to achieve the desired future–state companies

    The Network Integrator Journey, Part 1

    The Network Integrator Journey – Part 1: External Forces on Utility Operating Models highlights two key driving forces of the emerging value chain—technology and regulatory pressures—and how these changes are confirming the evolution of utilities into network integrator.