The 50 Ways to Fight Bias

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We had an amazing session on bias at HW19. Big thanks to Reena Batra with SPI, The University of Colorado Denver and Lean In UK for their support in putting together simultaneous bias activities across the globe on International Women’s Day.

Here’s where you get all the goods.

Fight bias back at the office! 

Rewatch the lunch video above. Get the Lean In 50 Ways to Fight Bias, full presentation, videoorder flash cards,  facilitator’s guide.  Join Lean In Energy hereand sign up to volunteer here. 

We want to also thank Evelyn MacLean-Quick, Chief Procurement Officer & Head of Supply Chain, HESS Corporation, Amanda Accardo, External Affairs Manager, Shell; Colleen Scholl, Senior Vice President, HDR; Chad Libertus, KPMG Tax Partner Pride Advisory Board Chair, Debo Harris, Lean IN UK Founder, Alyssa Volk, Baker Hughes GE, and Rita Hausken, Lean In Energy Europe for leading sessions.