Taking the Lead on the Future of Talent in Energy

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Energy 2021 survey results to understand the future of work in industry. 

Pink Petro, KCA and Expert Alumni publish today the results to the landmark industry-wide survey, “Energy 2021” launched in May of this year during the Offshore Technology Conference. The independent study addresses what the future of the petroleum industry looks like with the mass exodus of people, loss of experience and competencies, dramatically reduced budgets, ongoing volatility, and shrinking supply chain.  It defines the current state of the industry from an economic and demographic perspective and offer potential solutions to the structural changes that are currently occurring in the industry.

Katie Mehnert, CEO of Pink Petro, talent development and culture expert said, “We are now entering a new renaissance in our industry. Energy 2021 examines employment, the market, reputation and eventual recovery and will provide a path forward and solutions forward. The talent crisis ahead of us is a true opportunity for change.”

David Skinner, CEO of KCA and partner to the Energy 2021 Survey said, “Having worked in the industry through the last five downturns I can say that this time it is different. We must understand the structural impacts that are occurring in our industry and develop new ways to manage our businesses while attracting and developing the brightest minds to continue our history of innovation. This survey and the resulting research will help to define the current status and offer options to deal with structural, economic, and demographic changes that are headed our way in the next five years.”

Jon Glesinger, Founder of Expert Alumni / gleXnet said “I am excited that we are doing this survey as we begin a new study to understand current trends and the future of the sector.  It is crucial to take this fresh look as so many factors are fundamentally different now.

About Pink Petro

Pink Petro is a leading professional development company and community aimed at disrupting the gender gap in energy and defining the future of the workforce. Its unique on-demand talent development, mentoring, and knowledge sharing offerings create the new culture for workforce and supply chain transformation. Backed by industry firms such as Shell, Haliburton and KPMG, Pink Petro™ has members in 31+ countries in 500+ companies across the energy value chain.  www.pinkpetro.com

About KCA

K. Carpenter Associates is a market-leading consulting firm specializing in Energy and Technology. KCA has worked with major and independent energy companies, utilities, and oil-field service companies. Their processes and insights have helped clients enter new markets, create game-changing strategies, and understand uncertainty to create new value. www.kca-us.com

About gleXnet/Expert Alumni

gleXnet simplifies the interface between people and work by providing superior insight into people, data and operations.  Operating on the gleXnet platform, Expert Alumni makes it easy for organizations of all types and sizes to find people to fill their skills gap – members who will ensure continuity and improve organisational memory and expertise.  Experience on Demand. www.expertalumni.com