Hess: Lessons in Leadership From The Last Oil Baron

Tina Davis and Jessica Resnick-Ault are co-authors of Hess: The Last Baron, a biography of Leon Hess and the multibillion-dollar oil dynasty...

Why Energy Matters & The NextGen

Kaleigh Davis and Diana Prieto, Class of 2017, Energy Institute, an HISD STEM School with Katie Mehnert CEO and Founder Pink Petro....

What’s Next: Karen McCullough talks Change in Energy

Keynote: What’s Next? Karen McCullough, International Author and Speaker In 2011 Karen McCullough along with her Gen X...

Woman to watch: Pink Petro founder hosts global forum for women...

By Mary Johnson, Editor Originally published in bizwomen The Business Journals Last year, Katie Mehnert founded Pink...

Uncharted waters: LNG supply in a transforming industry

The global liquefied natural gas (LNG) market is transforming.

The Balance of the decade

l informe especial de petróleo y gas realizado por KPMG, explica cuál ha sido el comportamiento y desempeño general de la industria en los últimos diez años como así también sus perspectivas inmediatas.

New Trends are Unfolding in Oil Trading

Over the last 18 months, the global oil trading industry is experiencing substantial change.

Entering the Iranian market – Opportunities and risks

News of the relaxing of nuclear-related sanctions against Iran has been met with significant interest from the business community.

Innovative interconnections – Digitalization: energy, quo vadis?

Digitalization is one of the challenges the energy sector has to face now – the future of the sector will be digital and networked.

Donna Cole, Pink Petro Member and Energy CEO

Houston Real had a special opportunity to meet and interview Donna Cole CEO of Cole Chemical. Cole Chemical is the second largest women-owned business...

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