CBS 7: Pink Petro Connecting Women in the Oil and Gas... MIDLAND - If you see people working in the oil field or have attended a conference...

Just Adding Oil Won’t Fix a Bad Engine

Have you ever had a car that always seemed to be leaking oil and your quick fix solution was to add...

Pink Petro launches today

An online community for women in energy By Hilary Burns, Bizwomen Reporter Originally published in...

The Birth of Pink Petro

Welcome to Pink Petro. Six months ago it was just an idea and today it's a community built...

The Pink Petro Manifesto

We believe women bring a unique perspective to the world and we want to harness the power of that perspective.

We are Pink Petro Pink Petro's mission to eliminate the gender gap in the energy sector.Hear from the members helping to launch this global...

3 Lessons from the Big Pitch

Last fall I received the call to pitch Pink Petro to investors at the University of Texas Energy Week with several venture capitalists and industry companies.

Making Connections

We’ve all heard that the keys to getting that great job, that next promotion or the lead for a special project are: doing a great job, delivering business results, being a team player and having a great mentor or sponsor.

Seven lessons to learn before 27

I've finally understood the things I can't live without. I've finally found peace, at moments. Here are my top seven lessons. 

Making female progress in a man’s world

Let’s face it folks, the oil business is a man’s world. It’s full of technical people, with disciplines that women aren’t good at and jobs that require strong muscles.

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