Thursday, July 2, 2020

Simon says this about the energy transition

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Big developments happening in the industry

According to Simon Virley of KPMG, there is a huge transition underway.

“The penetration of renewables is unstoppable right now.”

Simon Virley,
Partner and UK Head of Energy/KPMG in the UK

See what else Simon says about the energy transition.

Simon Virley shares his energy insights at the 8th Annual KPMG Global Power & Utilities Conference.

Virley co-moderated the “Future Power Markets” session in Brussels last November with Ted Surette, Global Head of Power & Utilities, KPMG Australia.

The two say renewable technologies are reaching grid parity around the world and changing the way power markets work.

Questions posed

  • How should power markets be designed to enable delivery of affordable, secure, clean power?
  • What can new technologies like Blockchain offer in terms of new market models, like ‘peer-to-peer’ trading?

More than 200 industry peers from more than 30 countries attended the day-long event.

Tammy Feldstein
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