Thursday, July 2, 2020

Find a Mentor


Mentors have a profound impact on our success.

But so many of us struggle with that first step: How do you find one? And what mentoring program is best for you?  And if you are a mentor, how can you measure your engagement and participation?

At Pink Petro, we want to remove all barriers to success and leverage the successes of others to help great work spread. In 2015, we became the first proud corporate energy partner to Sheryl Sandberg’s to provide our community access at a global scale to mentoring. In early 2018, our founder, Katie Mehnert formed a 501c3 Lean In Energy, a global mentoring community and open it to the wider industry. Katie was Chairman of the Board until 2019.

Join Today!

Get matched now. The program offers small group marching, flash mentoring, and communities. Sign up today and be a part of a measured mentoring experience.

The program is free for participants. And the results are remarkable.

Lean In programs are research based, measured, and provide industry participants the ability to connect to the broader challenges we have for women in the workplace and eliminating bias in our work and lives.  Lean In Energy is powered by Chronus, the enterprise leader in mentoring software. Mentors and mentees are smart matched based on a profile intake and can be placed in person or virtually.  Your progress is measured along the way.