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23 CEOs signed a Call to Action to End the Gender Gap

In January 2016 at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos23 CEOs signed a Call to Action to close the gender gap in Oil & Gas.  We believe this Call to Action is a unique opportunity for women in industry to shape and influence a meaningful and impactful response.


Pink Petro has prepared a response.

On May 4th and June 16th Pink Petro created a diverse forum where vital energy voices came together to develop a comprehensive response to the 2016 World Economic Forum Call to Action.  We kicked of the session with 70+ leaders in energy in the room and 300+ online. Women and men from 53+ energy companies joined us to develop a crowdsourced response.    


On December 1, 2016 members of the Pink Petro community met with the World Economic Forum to discuss origins of the Call to Action and the draft and to craft a way forward.



HERWorld Connect Forum Outcomes & Next Steps
  • Create an action plan to address the 2016 World Economic Forum Call to Action which will be presented to the energy C-suite.  This response provides a direct understanding of how women in the industry internalize the guiding principles.
  • Develop a personal commitment to act in our companies, organizations and communities. 
  • Provide a sustainable platform to accelerate the socialization and adoption of the guiding principles and foster ongoing dialogue. 
  • Encourage companies to measure and take action.
  • Collaborate with the World Economic Forum to discuss outputs.
  • Carry forward the work with an action plan and next steps.
Timeline for the Response
  • HERWorld Connect Forum online and in person, Wednesday May 4, 2016 (completed)
  • Response document draft compiled and posted into Pink Petro, Friday May 20 2016 (in progress)
  • Comments period for Pink Petro membership, Friday May 20-June 3, 2016 (in progress)
  • By-Invitation Executive Breakfast at Shell, Wednesday June 28, 2016 completed)
  • World Economic Forum & Pink Petro Collaborative Workshop, Thursday December 1, 2016 (completed)