OP-ED: Reflections on #OTC50 … three years and one year later


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It was a year ago I called out a man online who thought leveraging women and alcohol during OTC to sell his equipment was a good idea. Since then, Cosby, Weinstein and other ‘facepalm’ stories have followed. The fact is, our society, has said “enough”. It demands to see a more equal, harassment-free world. We are more driven by social good than ever and it’s hitting the bottom line. It’s a unique time.

Since our global launch, we’ve given our influential platform to you through social media, video, live experiences and our community stories. We are changing the way people perceive our industry.  

  • We’re no longer alone!  Two amazing communities online Women Offshore and Sea Sisters are creating the change too.  Check it out… digital communities are going viral!
  • Experience Energy is the only careers platform that gives energy companies options to attract new talent and find the inclusion they aim to achieve. Big thanks to Halliburton, Shell, Wellspun, GE and many others who’ve invested in our vision.
  • At HERWorld18, we turned inclusion on its head with 80% female speakers and an agenda focused on sustainable energy value chains, climate and policy.  Forty sites globally tuned in.  Someone even watched from a treadmill. (Pretty amazing.)
  • With FedEx, Vantage Drilling and Intecsea, we launched Lean In Energy a private nonprofit in partnership with Sheryl Sandberg’s LeanIn.org. With 100+ volunteers, a diverse board and 1,000 in the community, we’re providing mentoring at scale to escalate progress while encouraging more male champions.
  • We celebrated our first annual GRIT Awards with over 70,000 viewers online. Who knew energy could be so cool? We did, and now the world knows, too.
  • Next week at OTC, we’ll do it again, join us (in person or online) with energy entrepreneurs, startups and companies creating the future for energy. Our panelists are 80% female …but hail from USA, Mexico, Africa and the UK.  We’ll host nonprofit organizations who are making a mark on culture.  Make the most of it all with our annual Guide to OTC and how to prepare from our presence coach, Marilynn Barber.
  • For the past four years we’ve held relevant discussions ongoing — our app, our video channel, and on this community.  OTC represents an opportunity to do that again!

Three years ago we celebrated our global launch during OTC when everyone was giving up on energy.  

If we want to change, we have to be more open. That will attract diverse talent and keep that talent engaged. This isn’t about more “diversity and inclusion” panel discussions; it’s about demonstrating inclusion… talk is cheap.  Seeing is believing.

We’ve been investing since 2014 because we know while energy is changing, it’s something we all need.  We’ve created a real ruckus, a spark, a shift…and we cannot wait to do more great work with all of you.

Together, we are better.

All my best,

Katie Mehnert

CEO and Founder, Pink Petro and Experience Energy