Now is the Time to Act

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In the UK, only 36% of women believe gender diversity is important to their CEO in oil and gas. The time for change is now. The POWERful Women UK is a network helping to drive gender diversity.

POWERful Women aims for 40% of middle management roles and 30% of executive board positions to be occupied by females by the year 2030. And they are taking action to make it happen.

Right now in the UK, females make up 47% of the workforce. Yet, only 22% of women work in the oil and gas industry – a significantly smaller share than almost any other sector. Of these:

  • 26% work for international oil companies.
  • 13% work for national companies.
  • 16% are in oilfield services.
  • Less than 20% hold senior management positions.
  • Only 7% are board members.
  • 1% of CEOs are female.

POWERful Women is addressing the under-utilization of a critical pool of talent. Now is the time to change.

To learn more about this organization and how you can get involved, visit the POWERful Women UK website.

The POWERful Women Annual Conference will be held on May 16th in Westminster, London. CLICK HERE for more details and to register for this event.