Top 5 Most Reputable Renewables Companies Today

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    The reputable renewables companies list is out

    Tamarindo’s 2019 list of most reputable renewables companies for North America is out; a boon for job seekers and anyone who wants to know who they’re doing business with. The agency explored reputations based upon the news, social media profiles, and online presence and search engine rankings, providing insights into which companies are tops. Though their full index has the names of 100 different companies ranked by reputation scores, we’ll go over the top five as a bit of a crash course.

    #5 Siemens Gamesa US

    Siemens, which is devoted to providing “cleaner, more reliable and more affordable wind power” grabbed a spot on the list because of its social media status. The experts at Tamarindo think much of it has to do with their prolific posting of wind turbines, something followers find hard to resist.

    #4 BP America

    While many people only think of BP America as an oil and gas company, the reality is that the brand, like many others in the sector, is making a huge push toward renewables. Tamarindo believes that BP’s strong reputation in the energy sector as a whole likely contributed to its position on the renewables list, but also adds that the company is actively investing ventures which could lead to a low-carbon future. Lately, those investments have been making headlines, thus pushing BP closer to the top.

    #3 EDF

    EDF is a major power supplier in France and has its hands in virtually every type of energy. In North America, it’s more involved in the wholesale market, generating energy via wind and solar. However, its worldwide presence helped it rank well in the news and media index and it held its own on social media.

    #2 Shell

    Like BP, Shell might be another surprise on the list due to its work in oils and gas. Even still, it’s been picking up renewables companies and investing in no-carbon tech. That in mind, a place on the renewables companies list is well earned, although largely influenced by the brand’s other activities which boosted its news score unusually high.

    #1 Invenergy

    If you haven’t heard of Invenergy yet, chances are you will. The company operates on four continents and earned the American Wind Energy Association’s 2019 Excellence in Operations Award and sealed a deal with Microsoft earlier this year to supply 74 MW of solar power. It’s one of the newer companies on the list as well, having been founded in 2001, which makes taking first place quite an accomplishment.

    What makes renewables companies reputable?

    In this case, it’s more about volume. For example, companies which had press releases got a news score boost, though those who had them through larger distributers saw a bigger boost than others. Things like social media followers weighed in too, as did factors related to the company website and how it showed up in search engines.

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