Sunday, July 12, 2020

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Flipping the Barrel is a podcast created to shine a light on women in energy by sharing the stories of successful individuals in this industry. Because everyone has a story that we can all learn from.


Digital Innovation with BP’s Morag Watson

Learn more about her background to how she got to her current role and how she balances being a mom while also holding an executive position.

The Husband of a Field Engineer Tells All

Jealousy? Shame? Long Distance? Heart Break? Find out what it was really like to be married to an #OilField Girl working in a male dominated industry.


Founded in 2019

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Maissel Diez

Massiel Diez, also known as “Oilfield Girl” by her global online following, is co-host of Flipping the Barrel Podcast.

Jamie Elrod

Jamie, founding partner of flipping the barrel, is an 8-year sales professional in the Oil and Gas sector.