Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Let’s give them something to talk about: Global Community Council

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Just last week, we held our 3rdquarter Global Community Council meeting where 40+ leaders from various corporate companies gathered together to discuss best business practices. But before we spill all the juicy details from that meeting, you might need a little background on what exactly the Global Community Council is and why it’s so great.


We believe progress will be accelerated by working together and that membership should go beyond events and discounts. This council connects Pink Petro member companies, regardless of size, within industry, and to external initiatives and partnerships.

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In addition to our awesome member content, app, and digital experiences, corporate members are provided with an inclusive opportunity for leaders to share best practices and to learn from one another. Members discuss their challenges, workforce issues, and the potential solutions.

 Along with the enriching conversations, we also invite featured speakers to discuss a particular topic. This quarter we had Paul McIntyre of Worley Parsons who presented on Sponsoring Women to Success.

Thanks to Tracey Kearney of Challenger, Gray & Christmas who sponsors these meetings. Along with Katie Mehnert, she works hard to deliver an experience that is packed full of value for our members.

These meetings are attended by corporate member leaders who are passionate about being the difference makers in their companies. Every company is on a quest to make their business a better place to work, to retain and attract top talent, and to build better diversity and inclusion initiatives. And we help you do just that with the Global Community Council.


This quarter’s experience was hosted by Hillary Ware at Cheniere Energy; and Katie Mehnert, Tracey Kearny, and Paul McIntyre presented on retention, sponsorship, and the eX factor (employee experience).

We were excited to be joined by our newest corporate members this quarter: Anadarko, ExxonMobil, HOWCO, and Wood Mackenzie.

We offered our members insights into industry trends and brought in external data on the job market, why employees quit, and employee retention trends.

Our small group discussion centered around what keeps these leaders at their companies. They discussed their personal reasons for staying as well as their colleagues’ and employees’ reasons.

Then we took a hard look at employee experience.

“Ex is the sum of everything an employee experiences throughout his or her connection to the organization – every employee interaction from the first contact as a potential recruit to the last interaction after the end of employment.”

Katie Mehnert; CEO & Founder Pink Petro

Paul McIntyre delivered an awe-inspiring presentation all about sponsoring women talent at Worley Parsons. In this presentation, he took a deep dive into sponsorship vs. mentoring, examples of sponsoring activities, sponsorship importance for women, and he offered insights into the female talent sponsorship at Worley Parsons.

Following his presentation, we broke out into groups to discuss a few important questions.

  1. Which organization/work environment factors are uniquely attractive to women and why?
  2. Which organization/work environment factors uniquely influence women to leave?
  3. In light of the “attention/retention factors” and “exit factors” discussed, how can we attract and retain more women in our workplaces?

These discussions allow for leaders to hear from one another and collaborate on potential practices and solutions to implement in their own companies.

The GCC is a cross-industry community to connect the energy industry to resources and best practices. It’s a neutral platform for dialogue and actions to address gender equality and building an inclusive culture in the full value chain.

To take advantage of this exclusive opportunity, become a Pink Petro Corporate Member.

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