Lean In Energy unveils new mentoring platform

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    Growth, resilience, innovation, and technology define GRIT and are core to Lean In Energy: mentoring, awareness, and education.

    Empowering Women Through Mentorship

    Lean In Energy connects women with peers who can challenge and encourage them to charge forward in their careers, counteracting any gender bias that they meet along the way.

    Lean In Energy has four components:

    • Communities are organized by region, function, discipline and special interest. Members can join a special interest group focused on interests. Some examples include blockchain, sales, field operations, etc. These communities are for connections, networking and growing outside of mentoring.
    • Small Group Mentoring is a structured mentoring program that runs for six months with a 1 to 4 mentor to mentee ratio. These groups are paired using smart-matching algorithms based on applicant’s profile setup.
    • Flash Mentoring provides members with one-on-one mentoring in a “flash” (a one-hour session to be exact). It is flexible, there’s no commitment, and it provides members a focused opportunity to gain knowledge across different departments, prep for an interview, build a stronger network, learn job-related skills, develop soft skills, or explore a new career path. It’s also a great opportunity to leverage while traveling.
    • The Executive Sponsorship Program:  This is an exciting program coming in 2019 and only open to corporate donors. The primary role of the Sponsor is to introduce mentees opportunities for exposure. A sponsor is able to attend those roundtable discussions that can make or break your career. Where a Mentor may help you envision your next position, a Sponsor will lever open that position for you.
    Pictured above:  Alyssa Volk, Global Programs Chair with Baker Hughes, a GE company speaks about the new program.

    Lean In Energy and the Future

    Lean In Energy will continue to fuel women in energy to their bigger purpose. The organization regularly participates in the public awareness of gender diversity and promotes female leadership in the workplace. And it will continue to grow its library of educational resources to help women build new skills and to educate everyone through research-based recommendations on how to advance gender equality at home and at work.

    Pictured above: Paul McIntyre, Board of Directors, Lean In Energy and Global Head of People at Worley Parsons

    How to Become a Part of the Movement

    Open enrollment is underway.

    Small group enrollment opens on October 29th for mentors and on November 26th for mentees and it closes on December 24th. The 6-month program will begin on January 28, 2019.

    Flash Mentoring enrollment is open year round.

    To sponsor, contact the organization at www.leaninenergy.org.

    Lean In Energy is an independent organization, affiliated with LeanIn.Org. The organization works closely with LeanIn.Org to further its mission. Lean In Energy is licensed by LeanIn.Org to use the ‘Lean In’ name.