Monday, May 25, 2020

Membership Requirements

  • All members regardless of level or experience are vetted for access to the Pink Petro platform.
  • To join Pink Petro, you must apply and be an individual who meets the following requirements:
    • You are currently employed at an energy company, or
    • You are currently providing services to an energy company
    • You provide professional services and over 75% of your book of business is with energy companies, or
    • You are a part of a utility, government or municipality.
  • Pink Petro always welcomes any energy sector professional to apply as an unemployed, part time or retiree to industry.  We do not discriminate whatsoever on the basis of gender or employment status.  What we look for is to assure you are WHO you say you are and will abide by our Code/Terms of Use.
  • An energy company is defined as a company, organization or government entity that is integrated, upstream, midstream, downstream, oil, natural gas, oilfield services, motor fuels, alternative energy, renewables, solar, wind, hydro, biofuels, green energy and/or sustainable energy, geothermal, water management, nuclear, coal, power and utilities, electricity generation, retail electric, grid energy storage, and/or energy efficiency.
  • Your career path needs to be clearly identifiable as in the energy industry and it is your responsibility to define your work in the energy industry in your application and/or have sources that can validate this experience.  We do this to protect and preserve the quality of our membership.
  • You must possess or are pursuing/studying to receive a Bachelor’s degree or certified technical trade or have no less than six months in an energy position.  Special consideration will be provided for those with gaps in employment and other circumstances.  Please explain your experience in the application.
  • Student memberships will be evaluated on the basis of coursework.
  • Retirees and educators are welcomed to apply.
  • Media may apply for limited access but by no means will be granted access to private areas of the site.