Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Introducing Ask Atlas & Athena: Get YOUR Most Pressing Questions Answered Here

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Pink Petro is introducing a new Q&A column!

The title: “Ask Atlas & Athena.” Athena is a Greek goddess specializing in wisdom, skill, strategy, and inspiration. Atlas is a Greek titan tasked with carrying the heavens (not the world, as it’s popularly misconstrued) on his shoulders.

We’ve been lucky enough to get both Greek figures to answer all your burning questions. (OK, not really, but we’re going to be doing our best impersonations.)

The idea here is for YOU to send in your urgent questions

Consistent with the prevailing focuses of this platform, questions about sustainable energy, climate change, the environment, and socioeconomic justice will get top priority. However, that should in no way prohibit you from coming to us with questions about health, relationships, jobs, politics, and even spirituality, if something’s really weighing on your mind.

Atlas and Athena are both standing by to answer

The trick is, they won’t be taking turns. On the contrary, they’ll BOTH be answering. We’ll get the woman’s take; we’ll get the man’s take. We’ll get Athena’s incomparable flights of wisdom; we’ll get the grit and might and aching back of Atlas. In and of itself, this column will be an exercise in practicing and exploring the very nature of equality.

Accordingly, having both Greek figures at the microphone will allow for not just a pair of perspectives, but something of a spectrum of perspectives. And the fact that they’ve both known rough and challenging times will most definitely prohibit them from sugarcoating readers with trivial nonsense. Nah, they’re here to dish the real truth, uncut and uncensored. In fact, they’re ready to talk to you right now.

Submit your questions anonymously

We’ve set up a Google form that will allow you to submit your questions with complete anonymity. In the coming weeks, we’ll be reviewing your submissions and selecting the most commonly asked, interesting, and challenging questions for Atlas and Athena to respond to. Selected submissions will appear right here on the Pink Petro website.

Help us kick off the Ask Atlas & Athena column by submitting your questions here.

Eric Shapiro
Eric Shapiro is a writer and filmmaker. Called "the next Philip K. Dick" by author Kealan Patrick Burke, Shapiro is the author of six critically acclaimed fiction books, among them the novella "It's Only Temporary" (2005), which appeared on Nightmare Magazine's list of the Top 100 Horror Books, and numerous short stories published in anthologies alongside work by H.P. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Chuck Palahniuk, and many others. His nonfiction articles have been published on The Daily Dot, Ravishly, and The Good Men Project.

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