How do you create extraordinary?

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    “Extraordinary belongs to those who create it.”

    Thanks for the gift of your feedback.  We’re creating extraordinary together.  We appreciate your feedback regarding Pink Petro. Here’s what you had to say.


    • 90% Female ; 10% Male
    • 30% Technical, Engineering, Operations
    • 12% Commercial with 50% in functional roles
    • 40% Director Level
    • 25% Senior Manager
    • 25% Contributor
    • 10% Executives



    • 2200 attended HERWorld online (in person)
    • 3300 attended HERWorld total (`1100 additional views on demand)
    • Peak traffic = 200,000 views; average monthly 100k views
    • The Top 10 countries include the USA with Russia in 2nd place ahead of the UK, India, Mexico, Australia, NL and Kyrgyzstan

    What professional communities do you use?

    • 98% – LinkedIn
    • 79% – Pink Petro
    • 28% – Internal Networks or Others
    • 23% – OilPro

    What are the top things you like about Pink Petro?

    • Meeting and interacting with others when I can/not forced | building relationships
    • Forums are unique and not ridiculously overpriced
    • Breadth of membership | diversity of membership | the people are genuine
    • Substantive posts I don’t get anywhere else, directed at my particular interest
    • Wow, HERWorld is A-mazing. I cannot wait to see where it’s held next.
    • Pink Petro TV and web events are excellent; you’re pushing the boundaries in tech and social media and that’s exciting.

    How is Pink Petro different?

    • It provides more variety; it’s global. 
    • It’s more targeted and influential.
    • It’s less noisy; allows for other like-minds to connect with diverse backgrounds.
    • It’s truly inclusive! I love that we include men and unemployed: it’s for energy by energy.
    • The work with the World Economic Forum is truly impressive.
    • The level of the conversation is different than anything else I’m a part of. 

    How can we improve?

    • More digital content please.
    • Make it clear that you compliment and elevate all of the initiatives, groups, and events for women. You are not a social events organization.  You’re not even an organization.  You’re bigger.  You’re a movement, a platform for change and connect all these disparate things.
    • Bring on more members; allow companies to purchase an enterprise license.
    • The user experience and app; integrate with other social media.
    • Don’t forget us in the field!  We want more content geared to women in remote areas.
    • Grow it!  I cannot wait to see this blow up.

    Measuring the value and satisfaction of Pink Petro

    • 92% are likely to recommend Pink Petro to a colleague.
    • 80% see the value of the benefits of their participation; many are excited to see more to come.
    • 70% strongly agree or agree that Pink Petro connects them to people, experts, coaches and/or mentors
    • 75% strongly agree or agree that Pink Petro services help them learn more about industry.
    • 64% strong agree or agree that Pink Petro services give them a reason to stay in industry and develop.
    • Aside from more industry content (a clear 2nd choice), nearly 95% believe the first enhancement to Pink Petro should be a way to connect with companies and job opportunities.
    • Less than 5% think it should be free, but 44% think companies should pay while 44% think individuals should pay.
    • Members are unsure about recruiter participation with only 28% saying recruiters should be allowed in the members only area.

    Our commitment to you.

    Thank you for the feedback. It’s a gift and I treasure all of it — even the troll who told me I needed to get a life. (He/she is right.  I work wayyy too much)  I’ve set up follow-up calls with some of you who had specific concerns or areas for improvement you wanted to discuss.  

    Our commitment to you is we’ll always improve.  We will raise the bar and set high standards. Stay tuned for information as we make enhancements.  Think of a new enhancement idea: get in touch on our site.