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Angie Gildea on building value for your company — and yourself

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The best advice Angie Gildea was given in her career was to focus on building value for the company she works for.

Angie — an Upstream expert at KPMG  — took this advice to heart and learned quickly how to understand what the companies she worked for valued and how to be “in the mix.”

This value creation has allowed Angie to spend 20 years serving global energy companies, become highly regarded as a leading expert in the Upstream sector and still have time to spend with her two young children.

“As a woman working in consulting, value creation has allowed me to have the right model for a work-life balance.”

Angie Gildea

By bringing value to the table, Angie was able to work part-time while her oldest child was young – without missing a beat. Her clients trusted and counted on her input.

And they were willing to work within her time constraints during this period of her life. As a single mom, value has been instrumental for Angie throughout her career.

Getting started in oil & gas

While Angie’s best known for her expertise in the Upstream sector, she got her start in Downstream. Her first job in the oil and gas industry was with Downstream consolidation between Shell, Texaco, and Saudi Aramco to form Equilon and Equiva Trading.

In this role, Angie helped prepare the newly formed company for the impending Y2K, back when businesses were concerned that the year 2000 would wreak havoc on computer systems everywhere. She thoroughly loved working with the trading organization and refineries and learning more about the downstream business.

Angie then spent time in Upstream working with companies like BP and Chevron on their digital oilfield programs. Her favorite aspect of those projects was spending time in the field where she had the opportunity to work with both onshore and offshore assets.

In total, Angie spent 16 years in the energy sector of management consulting at Accenture. Now, at KPMG, she serves as a principal in the Energy Practice, global lead partner for Chevron and America’s lead for the ENRC sector.

Talking GRIT

On the subject of GRIT — growth, resilience, innovation, and transition — which is our theme for HERWorld this year, Angie believes it takes all those elements to find success in the energy industry. To her, GRIT defines those who are naturally curious and want to solve problems. They have passion, persistence and determination.

In today’s world, where there is so much competition beginning at early ages in life, she feels that GRIT and empathy are the two key factors that will set young people up for success in life.

Globalization and women in the industry

Angie is energized by the industry’s movement towards globalization over the past 20 years. Since the mid-90s, the landscape has been changing. The transition into the dot-com era was the start of business being done differently.

Globalization has allowed companies to employ workforces across the world. The mid-2000s brought about the digital oilfield and new technology that was a true game changer.

As for women in energy, Angie is excited about their steady progression. She believes that right now is an exciting time for women. And she is extremely grateful for trailblazers like Melody Meyer, Janeen Judah, Claire Farley, and other influential women leaders in the industry. Angie recently attended an event honoring these influential women.

“It was a good reminder of how much they did to pave the way for the rest of us. Now we have so many more opportunities in the energy sector.”

Angie Gildea
Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson is a champion of women in business — from innovators and entrepreneurs to executives and nonprofit leaders and founder of Brave New Word.

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