Get ready — The Experience Energy GRIT Awards are back!

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At HERWorld Energy Forum in March, Experience Energy presented the first-ever GRIT Awards, a celebration of the difference makers in energy.

Your response was overwhelming.

You nominated nearly 200 women and men from around the world. (Click here to see who won.) Over 400 people attended the award show in Houston. And 74,000 watched live online.

It made us realize: This is BIG. And it deserves an experience of its own.

So on Oct. 3, we are bringing the Experience Energy GRIT Awards back. We’re not talking just a ceremony. This will be a bonafide experience, complete with powerhouse keynote speakers, expert panels and the recognition these gritty leaders, role models and innovators deserve.

Now — the most important part — nominations for our next class of GRIT Award winners are now open!

We need all of you to take a look around your organizations and networks and find the unsung heroes — the women who lead and the men who recognize the value women bring and advocate for their progress in energy. We are looking for the people who are down in the trenches, getting the job done.

We all know someone like that. It’s time to get them the recognition they deserve. Click here to nominate today! The deadline for nominations is June 30.

Once we’ve collected all the nominations, we will pass them along to our panel of judges — a combination of industry leaders and previous GRIT Award winners — to tackle the arduous task of narrowing down our finalists. Then, on Oct. 3, it’s time to celebrate.  

Want to attend or sponsor?  Click here.  We’d love to have you be a part of the excitement.

On that note, let’s talk content. We are passionate about content at Pink Petro, and our sister company, Experience Energy is no different. We want you to leave each and every experience with new insights, perspectives, information and connections. So here’s what we’ve got on deck:

  • Two phenomenal keynote speakers, including futurist, technology strategist and author Crystal Washington, who will discuss the future of culture and talent and the role of social media in the ever-changing world of business, and another keynote speaker to be announced soon.
  • A panel discussion focused on “Demystifying the Data
  • Lunch (to be shared with the new connections you’ll make)
  • The GRIT Awards ceremony, which will take place in Houston and will be broadcast live around the world

Excited yet? So are we.

We’ll have lots more to talk about in the coming weeks, as well as some in-depth profiles of our esteemed speakers.  So stay tuned. And most importantly, start nominating!