Select Your Member Type

Pink Petro offers membership and sponsorship options.  

We review every application for fit and will contact you if we believe your fit aligns with a different category of membership based upon the credentials you supply.  Pink Petro membership is an annual cost charged every year on your anniversary date unless you choose to cancel. You may manage this membership in your profile settings.  

Pink Petro membership is open to those who fit these qualifications. We have four categories of membership:  

  • Influencer - $100 annual dues - This is our first level of membership and it includes all students, individual contributors, managers and includes those in-transition/unemployed.  Students and unemployed are 50% off annual influencer dues.
  • Petroprenuer - $150 annual dues - New to the entrepreneur seat? This category is for you. This is for owners or solo-prenuers and those looking to break out into the energy sector as a small business.
  • Executive - $250 annual dues - This is our executive level of membership and it includes Directors, Vice Presidents, C-Suites and Public and Private Board Members.  Executive members are included in executive online groups, forums, programs and invited to join exclusive partner network, the C-Suite Network.
  • Professional and/or Media - Free - This is a complimentary membership level that offers you a basic profile, access to our newsletter and the ability to maintain a resume.  It doesn't include access to any of the premium community features, messaging/chat, social sharing, premium content, career platform access and affinity networking and or private networking groups.