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Energy 2.0: Oxy’s culture eats assets for lunch

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Meet the newest Pink Petro corporate member, Occidental (Oxy), an international oil and gas exploration and production company – and the largest operator in the Permian Basin.

In 2020, Oxy celebrates 100 years of operation.

Oxy opened its doors the same year American women first voted – nearly 100 years ago. Over the last century, the company has seen its share of change in the world: policy, safety, workforce, culture. Change is constant. However, Oxy embraces SHIFT, and its culture eats assets for lunch. It came as no surprise to us that Oxy was the largest American oil company to appoint a female, Vicki Hollub, as its CEO.

Under Hollub’s leadership, Oxy shows moxy. The company shifts with its challenges and finds solutions – even if they are “outside the box”.

 “Because of our autonomy, we are able to identify a challenge and come up with a solution, then actually implement it from a full cycle standpoint. So we get to see the fruits of our labor.”

Kim Franklin, Manager, Talent Acquisition at Oxy

Recognizing Talent Comes in Different Shapes, Sizes, and Genders

Vicki Hollub became CEO in 2016 at a time when the oil industry was in a lower price environment. Under her leadership, Oxy has worked to create a culture that recognizes talent in all its different forms.

Vicki Hollub, President and Chief Executive Officer, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, USA speaking during the Session “The New Energy Equation” at the Annual Meeting 2019 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, January 23, 2019. Congress Centre – Sanada. Copyright by World Economic Forum / Sandra Blaser

Oxy values the people in its organization and supports them by offering several employee resource groups. In 2013, Oxy established a resource specifically for women, called the Women of Oxy Network (WON). WON is dedicated to advancing the careers of women at Oxy through education, development, mentoring, and advocacy.

“I feel like at Oxy having the Women of Oxy network helps.”

Pranika Sinha,  Manager, Employee and Organizational Development

Oxy also offers an Early Career Network group for men and women who have been in the industry for less than seven years.

Joining Pink Petro is another way that the company is providing resources and support for its employees. Oxy joined Pink Petro shortly before HERWorld 19.

At the event a company employee approached Pink Petro and Experience Energy CEO/Founder, Katie Mehnert, to tell her how much the event meant to him. She encouraged him to let his leadership know, and so he did. In fact, he emailed Oxy’s CEO, Vicki Hollub about the experience:

“I (and others at Oxy) will directly benefit from open dialogue and introspection…I think it’s great that Oxy decided to join this effort… “

Asher Alexander, Production Operations Engineer

Hollub took the time to reply:

“I’m sure our participation in Pink  Petro will continue to grow.  It’s a great organization.”

Vicki Hollub, President and Chief Executive Officer

Adapting to the Changing Climate

Not only has Oxy learned to incorporate diversity in its 100 years of experience, it knows how to adapt to the climate, literally. Oxy is currently a leader in the environmental sector – as diametrically opposed as this sounds for an energy company.

NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 24: Behind the scenes at the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative at the Intercontinental Barclay Hotel September, 24, 2018, in New York City. (Photo by Andrew Gombert)

In fact, it was one of the first U.S. members of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI). Oxy is focused on programs that lower the carbon footprints of energy, industry, and transportation value chains. And through these initiatives, Oxy is committed to lowering its own carbon footprint and develop new products and technology using its captured CO2.

Oxy invested equity into a clean energy company in Canada that develops Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology. This was the first significant collaboration between the energy industry and a DAC developer.

About Occidental Petroleum

Oxy is a global company headquartered in Houston. It has operations throughout the United States, the Middle East, and Latin America. Oxy is the largest injector of carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery (CO2 EOR) in the Permian Basin, and one of the largest globally.

With nearly 100 years of experience and 37,000 employees and contractors worldwide, Oxy is committed to its environmental and social responsibilities.

As another Pink Petro member that truly walks the walk, we are thrilled to welcome Oxy aboard.

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