Defining the future of Energy HR for the 21st Century

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    KPMG asked 1,200 international HR leaders to define the function for success in the 21st century.

    The KPMG Global Energy Institute can now offer the results with a specific focus on the energy sector. The Oil & Gas report can be downloaded here, and the Power & Utilities is available here.

    Oil & Gas executives see a disconnect.

    Executives are confident about the value of HR, but there is a disconnect between expectations and actions.

    Key findings include:

    • Although the need for workforce transformation is generally accepted with wide recognition of the need to transform workforce skills (86 percent) and how the HR function operates (92 percent), fewer than half are very confident in HR’s ability to transform.
    • 67 percent of respondents in the Oil & Gas industry agree or slightly agree that their organization has initiated or recently completed a digital transformation of the HR function, however only 40 percent have a digital work plan in place.
    • Nearly all (95 percent) of Oil & Gas HR executives feel that artificial intelligence and/or machine learning can drive significant value for HR, yet only 54 percent of HR functions have begun to introduce AI.
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    Power & Utilities executives believe re-skilling is key.

    Power & Utilities HR executives value HR. They also feel that HR functions related to employee learning & reskilling and attracting employees bring the most benefit to their organizations.

    Key findings include:

    • 72% of executives know their workforce need to be transformed, yet only 31% are very confident that HR can lead that transformation.
    • Technology investments have prioritized people management and performance management.
    • 63% HR executives believe that artificial intelligence and machine learning can drive value for HR yet only 41 percent have started to introduce AI. They also believe that their primary role in preparing the workforce for AI is in change management and training.
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