Lean In Energy Mentoring

The power of mentorship

Mentors have a profound impact on our success. But so many of us struggle with that first step: How do you find one? 

At Pink Petro, we want to remove all barriers to success. We have partnered with Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In Organization to create Lean In Energy, a global network of energy professionals who want to mentor and be mentored.  The program is free for participants who commit to the program. And the results are remarkable. 

Read below for more from those who have already experienced the program. When you join Lean In Energy you will also be invited to special events just for those who participate and engage in the full program.

Ready to join? Click here to apply to the program.  Please do not sign up for this program unless you can commit 2-4 hours a month to your development.


"As an active member of Women's Energy Network for 6 years now, as well as, a member of my internal network at work, I've experienced how much mentoring groups contribute to continual learning and personal growth. At Pink Petro, with its virtual community, the door is opened to men and women from around the world. This is a wonderful opportunity that I do not want to miss out on." — Maria

"I'm relatively new to the energy industry (3 years) and would like to be paired up with someone who has more tenure, and Pink Petro is going to help me find that." — Shirwin

"I'm so excited to be a part of a network and circle of people who value men and women working together. The Lean In Energy program includes everyone." — Jason

"I love how inclusive this community is. Please keep doing what you're doing and thank you for supporting people who are in transition." — Sara