Friday, January 18, 2019


Marsha Hendler of TerraFina Energy

Indeed there are some very interesting women in South Texas.About 3 years ago I met Marsha Hendler, owner...

Fireside Chat with Mia Gardner, Energy Attorney

People take many different paths into the energy industry.Pink Petro member Mia Gardner didn't start off in oil and gas,...

Our Australian Geology #FieldTrip: Changing flat tires in yoga pants

We're full of life and strong as ever.  After missing our flight to Adelaide, luggage being lost for days, flat tires, a broken stove and...

A Rising Star: Anne Claudel with BP

Anne Claudel is an internal technical auditor in BP’s Upstream function but her previous roles have given her a wealth of operational experience...

2015 Woman of the Year: Kimberly Greene, Southern Company EVP

POWER-GEN has named Southern Company Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Kimberly S. Greene its 2015 Woman of the Year. The award was...

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