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HERWorld18: The New Era of Energy

https://vimeo.com/267925129 Katie Mehnert gives keynote speech during HERWorld18.

What’s Our Take: The Next Chapter with Libby Cheney

We're in studio with Libby Cheney, to catch up with her on her next chapter.

What’s Our Take: The Next Chapter with Melody Meyer

Melody Meyer with the BP, plc and AbbVie boards tells us about her next steps.

High praise for Pink Petro

A global solution Pink Petro is a global community that seeks to eliminate the barriers for women to enter the industry. We educate, empower and inspire the next generation to enter an industry that's quietly not done enough to engage and tell...

What’s Our Take: Untapped Reserves with BP’s Leigh-Ann Russell and Yassmin Abdel-Magied

https://vimeo.com/266534454 A new gender gap report will be released by Boston Consulting Group at the World Petroleum Congress in Istanbul this week. Join us with Leigh-Ann Russell, Vice President at BP and mechanical engineer, TedX speaker and author, Yassmin Abdel-Magied to get their perspectives. With hosts Katie Mehnert and Linda Lorelle on...

What’s Our Take: Energy Facts and Trump

David Holt from the Consumer Energy Alliance talks energy news, the Donald Trump card and energy policy with hosts Katie Mehnert and Linda Lorelle on Pink Petro TV.   

What’s Our Take: Wonder Women, Industry Reputation, and Career Transitions

This week's episode of What's Our Take includes this week's energy news, a new E&Y reputation study in oil and gas. Watch guests Kathryn Hanneman, 2-time layoff survivor and Yetunde Okediji, an in transition engineer talk about career transitions and the things they've learned along the way.  Join...

What Is Pink Petro TV?

Like  The Birth of Pink Petro happened on a few paper napkins on that 777 from London to Houston, several months back I doodled on a few napkins and Pink Petro TV was born. After hosting the HERWorld Energy Forum in 2016 amidst $26 (gulp) oil,...

What’s Our Take: Trump withdraws from Paris Climate Deal

Today's show is about breakup and shakeups.  We have Annise Parker in to talk about Trump's decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement and Megan Roiz to talk about her breakup with her job. Guest Megan Roiz

The State of Energy with BP’s Lamar McKay

The energy industry is a key driver of the global economy, and in no other place is it more important than in Houston, the Energy Capital of the World. Lamar McKay, Group Deputy of BP P.L.C., as the keynote speaker.

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