Inclusion and Empathy Busts Silos and Drives the Next Era of Energy

If you’ve ever worked in any business, literally anywhere, you’ve probably experienced silos. Here’s how pervasive they are: Machiavelli actually was referencing the idea of silos in 1513.  If you are keeping score at home, that would be 504 years ago. A few things have...

How Inclusive Communities People and Companies are Gearing for the Next Era of Energy

Been talking about inclusion -- and how it’s different than diversity-- for a couple of weeks now, as these are heady topics on my mind as HERWorld approaches. Harvard Business Review actually just covered off on this too, with an article called “Diversity Doesn’t Stick Without Inclusion.”

Why Our Kids Need to Know About Energy

By Katie Mehnert, Wife, Mom, and Energy CEO @katiemehnert Originally published on TXOGA Texas Oil & Gas Association My daughter and I had a conversation about energy.  Yeah, I know.  She’s six and I’m well, you know…old enough to be...

The Energy Gender Gap: Still a Long Road Ahead

By: Katie Mehnert Originally published in Forbes The gender gap. Wage inequality. The glass ceiling. They’re all terms you’ve heard time and time again. And, after the recent American election, they’ve become the topic of many household dinner conversations across the...

It’s time to do more than just talk about the energy industry gender gap

By Katie Mehnert, Guest Contributor Originally published in the Houston Business Journal Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all mankind.” It’s a pretty powerful message, isn’t it? And...

Why The Energy Industry Needs to be More Open

I've had two cups of coffee and I'm shaking my head ("SMH").... A study released by MIT, Stanford and the University of Washington looks at how how services like Uber and Lyft treat African Americans and women differently from white men.

Energy CEO tells audience to step out of their box

Katie Mehnert CEO and Founder of PInk Petro closes the first HERWorld Energy Forum which broadcast to over 2200 people worldwide in 15 cities. In her keynote, she talks about the need for everyone to get out of their box.

The Birth of Pink Petro

Welcome to Pink Petro. Six months ago it was just an idea and today it's a community built by industry and for industry. It's a community like no other and I thank our industry founders for their support, Halliburton and Shell, and our...

The Pink Petro Manifesto

We believe women bring a unique perspective to the world and we want to harness the power of that perspective. We believe in diversity. Not just in gender, but in generations, ethnicities, and cultures. We believe that by delivering high quality...

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