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Melody Meyer: In tune with energy

HERWorld19 speaker sings women's praises It’s been nearly four decades since Melody Meyer joined Chevron, but certain moments from her storied career stand out as if they happened yesterday. Take for example that time she led the startup of...

Gender intelligence is the the key to the war for talent says world expert

Barbara Annis, CEO of Gender Intelligence Group, will be delivering a keynote presentation at HERWorld 2019 on gender intelligence – what it means, and how it can impact the success of a business (or person).   Barbara has spent the last 30 years researching and teaching on this...

Meet ‘power player’ Alice Jackson

She’s been named “power player of the year” by the Smart Electric Power Alliance, and one of the most powerful women of 2019 by the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Now Alice Jackson, president of Xcel Energy -- Colorado, will be keynoting HERWorld Denver on March 8.

Each year, there are more than a few good men at HERWorld.

At HERWorld18, we turned the energy gender gap on its head. In an industry where women comprise about 20 percent of the workforce, most energy conferences have a similar percentage of female speakers. At HERWorld18, we too had a roughly 80/20 breakdown.

Break bread & battle bias

One meal you won't want to skip Gender bias rears its ugly head more often than it should, which is never. But the truth is, it’s happening in the workplace and it’s holding women and minorities back. What is...

Get your shift together at HERWorld: Look Who’s Talking

No matter what we do, energy is the undercurrent. It powers everything from our cities to our connections. It's even affecting the aging process. Energy is shifting. The lines across business, workforce, technology and policy are changing virtually everything....

The world’s largest search engine (and its cloud) has found us

We’re proud to announce Google Cloud as a presenting sponsor this year at HERWorld 19 and Darryl Willis, VP of Energy at Google Cloud, as a keynote speaker.   Darryl Willis’ mission is for everyone to have access to affordable heat, light, and mobility. A...

Helena Bourdillon, UK Freediver to Keynote HERWorld19 London

FREEDIVER  |  SPEAKER  |  BREATH TRAINER Meet Helena Bourdillon.  She is 44 years old and has survived and triumphed over chronic depression and since then, has represented Great Britain twice (so far) in the Freediving Depth World Championships. When she's not...

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