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How low-cost US natural gas spurs global LNG oppportunities

The US shale revolution is one of the gas industry’s most remarkable stories. As well productivity and gas-to-oil ratios dramatically increased, the US emerged as the largest gas producer in the world – now comprising 24% of total global production.  And as the US low-cost resource base expands...

How Women are Leading the Way to a Greener Future

Are women greener? Yes, because women are more concerned with climate change. Roughly three-quarters of Americans say they’re concerned about climate at least “some” or “a great deal,” according to Pew research. What’s interesting about this statistic, however, is that women account for the...

Embracing the Millennial Revolution in the Workplace

Millennials now constitute the largest workforce and consumer segment in the United States.  More than one in three American workers are millennials.  Their perspective and buying power is revolutionizing our workplaces and our economy. As The Greatest Generation passes away and the...

6 In-Demand Skills in the Energy Sector Today

Women Choose Energy Women getting into the energy sector today will not be disappointed. A survey from Florida’s Women in Energy Leadership Forum reveals that 100% agree they’d choose the same field if they were given the opportunity to select again. For comparison, just...

Permian Basin Blues

unsplash-logoWORKSITE Ltd. U.S. oil production recently hit a record high of 12.2 million barrels per day. The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) has attributed much of the increase to unconventional development in the Permian Basin. But there are signs of trouble.

The Green “Real” Deal: Working Together

Former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz is calling for a plan aimed at counterbalancing the Green New Deal, according to an exclusive interview with me yesterday. Driving the news Moniz, who was the energy secretary from 2013 to 2017 under President...

S&P 500 proves it’s full of bold bull shift

It's 2019 and we've reached a new milestone on Wall Street. Last week the S&P reported it is now gender diverse across all 500 company boards. Navient is the S&P 500 company with the highest percentage of female board members with 58.2% being...

Electric vehicle battery recycling: bridging a supply-side divide

Can the environmental impact of electric car batteries be mitigated? Electric vehicle battery recycling offers a sustainable solution as EV markets grow.

What Millennials Want in an Energy Career

Millennial Values: Building Passion for an Oil and Gas Career in the Next Generation The coffee-wielding tech-savvy socially-aware millennial employee often gets a bad rap for being a disloyal entitled complainer yet they are the future, and the present, of the workforce so the...

Schlumberger President Resigns

Breaking News from Schlumberger On Friday July 19, 2019, Schlumberger announced that chief executive officer and chairman of the board, Paal Kibsgaard, has resigned effective August 1st. Kibsgaard was with Schlumberger for the past 22 years.

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