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Chemical companies find new opportunities with gender equality

KPMG Global Chemicals Institute is pleased to announce the launch of the twenty-fifth edition of REACTION Magazine, KPMG’s signature publication for the chemicals and performance technologies industry, which you can download here.

What’s Our Take: Energy Facts and Trump

David Holt from the Consumer Energy Alliance talks energy news, the Donald Trump card and energy policy with hosts Katie Mehnert and Linda Lorelle on Pink Petro TV.   

What’s Our Take: Trump withdraws from Paris Climate Deal

Today's show is about breakup and shakeups.  We have Annise Parker in to talk about Trump's decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement and Megan Roiz to talk about her breakup with her job. Guest Megan Roiz

With Dakota denial, outlook for U.S. pipelines turns murky

The U.S. Army's denial of an easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline, after permitting and legal obligations were followed, sets an uncertain precedent for new projects despite President-elect Donald Trump's promise to support energy infrastructure. The decision came after months of protests by the...

Gulf of Mexico oil and gas drillers could win Trump’s war on regulations

Eddie Seal | Bloomberg | Getty Images Chevron Jack/St. Malo platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Gulf of Mexico oil and gas drillers could see some relief from a more industry-friendly White House, according to a major energy consulting firm. That relief probably would not come from Donald Trump's vows to...

Katie Mehnert weighs in on the Trump Factor and Energy

Rigzone featured Katie Mehnert in a blog post by Valerie Jones, career editor, discussing how the election outcome will either hinder or influence the energy sector and its job market.  Katie stated that Trump was the only candidate who came out and directly supported oil...

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