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Oxy shows “Moxy”

This week the world woke up to a big headline.  Oxy showed "moxy" (misspelling intended) and outbid Chevron for the Permian's pearl, Anadarko.  It was a bold move by Vicki Hollub, CEO, and one I applaud her team for having the grit to do.  When called about...

Fearlessness, curiosity, and staying uncomfortable

Wisdom at HERWorld from leading women in energy tech The HERWorld Energy Forum serves double duty in a big way. It’s a chance for energy leaders -- who just happen to be women -- to have their voices heard on the profound shifts...

From damage of Trump tariffs to ‘fraud’ of energy independence, leading women assess oil industry

Corporate tax cuts helped some businesses in the energy sector, but President Trump’s trade war with China is causing significant damage. The unpredictability of the Trump administration has also effectively shut down capital markets, causing problems even worse than onerous tariffs. And the idea of “energy independence,” touted for decades by...

Why the HERWorld Energy Forum should mark the death of ‘manels’

Our powerful, global event last week wasn’t just a unique opportunity to learn about how the energy sector can “shift” into a new era. It was also the latest glaring proof that conferences everywhere -- focused on business, technology, and much more -- should stop booking “manels.”

Op-ed: Capitol Hill hearing shows why energy sector needs diversity

This originally appeared in the Houston Business Journal's OP-ED column on March 1, 2019 When I was asked to testify on Capitol Hill this week, I knew it would be a crucial opportunity to present the importance of diversity and gender equality in the...

The New World Order of Energy

TChange is coming.  Whether you like it or not. For some change is easy, for others it’s not.  They hold on to traditional ideas and have a “this is how we’ve always done it” mentality that makes it hard for them to...

My elevator ride with Bob Dudley, BP CEO

Bob Dudley is Chief Executive Officer of BP and took over before I got there in 2012. I had the chance to work with Bob's leadership team on safety culture and competency efforts after Deepwater Horizon. It was some of the most meaningful work...

The financial case for hiring more MEN in energy

If you're reading this it's because you clicked on an unusual headline. When I got the invitation from Barrons to write about the financial case for more women in energy, my first response was... Yes. This is...

OPINION: It’s time for world leaders at Davos to act

The World Economic Forum brings together leaders of global society. Situated in Davos, among the Swiss Alps, entrepreneurs, world leaders, business executives and the public and private sector converge to talk about pressing issues and the future state of the world. The roll...

Digital communities drive trust in an era of fake news

Three years ago, when oil prices plummeted and the global market began to contract, Pink Petro created the first global digital community for women in energy.

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