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Why women will shape the future of natural resources

Wood Mackenzie President Neal Anderson shares his views on the importance of gender diversity in the natural resources sector.

Will Mideast tensions raise stakes in Brazil’s pre-salt rounds?

Asian NOCs may seek to diversify supply in midst of uncertainty There’s no doubt the attractive pre-salt acreage offered in Brazil’s 2019 exploration bid rounds will attract big spenders. Amongst the supermajors and big explorers, Asian national oil companies (NOCs) are also expected...

How South Texas market shifts will create gas price divergence

Three natural gas price hubs in South Texas – Katy, Agua Dulce and Houston Ship Channel (HSC) – have historically traded in a tight range of one another. That’s due to the current state of pipeline connectivity in the South Texas region and relative geographic proximity.

What energy CEOs’ big new move can really mean

A powerful group of 181 chief executives, many of them overseeing household name companies, have made a big announcement: no longer do corporations “exist principally to serve their shareholders.”  Instead, the members of the Business Roundtable, which includes numerous energy companies, announced that they...

Colonial Pipeline expands its most valuable resource: talent

Creating a talented workforce When Colonial Pipeline Vice President and Chief People Officer, Angela Long, joined the company in 2009 after a career in financial services, just 12 percent of the workforce consisted of women. “It was quite an eye-opener,” says...

Trading houses’ risk appetite create more evolved LNG market

The rising influence of four commodity trading houses is shaking up the global LNG market. Within just a few years, Trafigura, Vitol, Glencore and Gunvor – some of the most influential traders in the oil market – have played a part in transforming waterborne LNG...

Relive the best of the 2019 Global Energy Conference

The 17th Annual KPMG Global Energy Conference (GEC) was held June 5th and 6th, 2019, and was an incredible two days of learning and development. It brought together senior energy executives to share insights and discuss key issues impacting the industry. 2019 Global Energy Conference

Beyond the tipping point: how new power and utilities players are changing the rules

The digitization of our daily lives means that just about everything requires electricity in some form, resulting in evolving relationships between consumers and providers. In the latest edition of Plugged In, KPMG Global Energy Institute’s Tax team have a Q and A about the new players in...

US government looks to chip in on EV charging infrastructure

As part of the largest amount of funding ever provided for US highway reauthorization, America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act of 2019 earmarks capital for public EV charging infrastructure. The bill would authorize $287 billion to finance the next five years of Highway Trust Fund operations. A...

How low-cost US natural gas spurs global LNG oppportunities

The US shale revolution is one of the gas industry’s most remarkable stories. As well productivity and gas-to-oil ratios dramatically increased, the US emerged as the largest gas producer in the world – now comprising 24% of total global production.  And as the US low-cost resource base expands...

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