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How Women are Leading the Way to a Greener Future

Are women greener? Yes, because women are more concerned with climate change. Roughly three-quarters of Americans say they’re concerned about climate at least “some” or “a great deal,” according to Pew research. What’s interesting about this statistic, however, is that women account for the...

Permian Basin Blues

unsplash-logoWORKSITE Ltd. U.S. oil production recently hit a record high of 12.2 million barrels per day. The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) has attributed much of the increase to unconventional development in the Permian Basin. But there are signs of trouble.

Electric vehicle battery recycling: bridging a supply-side divide

Can the environmental impact of electric car batteries be mitigated? Electric vehicle battery recycling offers a sustainable solution as EV markets grow.

What Millennials Want in an Energy Career

Millennial Values: Building Passion for an Oil and Gas Career in the Next Generation The coffee-wielding tech-savvy socially-aware millennial employee often gets a bad rap for being a disloyal entitled complainer yet they are the future, and the present, of the workforce so the...

Simplify your raw lease data

How do you optimize future development for an unconventional area of interest with raw lease data? It's not easy. Wood Mackenzie has partnered with P2 Energy Solutions to solve this challenge. With our new technology, you can better understand an area of interest like the 10,000-acre...

Decarbonization of big oil – Shell’s evolution to big power

As fuel efficiency continues to improve, and as more countries and governments issue more demanding fuel efficiency mandates, Royal Dutch Shell is offering a preview of where the traditional oil and gas company structure might be headed.

3 reasons the Permian basin needs 1 more crude pipeline

The US is in the midst of a massive crude pipeline and infrastructure buildout. As shale oil output quickly overwhelmed Permian basin crude pipeline takeaway capacity in early 2018, Permian producers' prices suffered. As the hottest production growth region in the US Lower 48...

Why climate change is hard to accept

Last week, Chris Tomlinson wrote a piece in the Houston Chronicle about climate change. His argument is fair. The Energy Capital's businesses leaders are struggling with climate change. But why? The tsunami of change is bigger than any of...

From managing risk to building resilience

The increasing number of natural disasters is causing irreversible societal damage to communities, and creating extremely high costs for utilities companies. Industry leaders are looking for ways to proactively invest in infrastructure to minimize exposure to threats while enhancing long-term value to communities and shareholders. In “Managing...

Do you have the right stuff?

Energy executive program now accepting applications The WBENC (Women's Business Enterprise National Council) is excited to announce it is now accepting applications for the 2019 WBENC Energy Executive Program. The 2019 WBENC Energy Executive Program will take place Oct....

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