Monday, July 6, 2020

Demystifying D&I Data: It’s More about Action than Data

This year, at the 2018 GRIT Awards on October 3rd, we discussed the need for diversity and inclusion – and we backed it up with real data and “gritty” truth about our industry. Our panel of expert energy and cultural change leaders demystified data about...

Grit isn’t a destination, it’s a journey

Experience Energy, the leading resource for diverse talent, careers, and culture, hosted our second-ever GRIT Awards on Wednesday, October 3rd. And once again, we were left in awe of the men and women in this industry; the leaders who are committed to growth, resilience, innovation, and transition. And if...

Let’s give them something to talk about: Global Community Council

Just last week, we held our 3rdquarter Global Community Council meeting where 40+ leaders from various corporate companies gathered together to discuss best business practices. But before we spill all the juicy details from that meeting, you might need a little background on what exactly the Global...

The judges have decided. What does it take to have GRIT?

Our second ever GRIT awards are fast approaching (October 3rd– have you registered to watch yet?), and the results are in. Through this process, we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to have GRIT. The first time we hosted these awards back...

The 3 things you need to build a strong culture

We get this question a lot: What does it take to build a strong, inclusive company culture? The answer is far from simple. Many companies try and fail to find the secret ingredient — free food, unlimited vacation time, open workspaces...

What Community Resilience Looks Like with Sheryl Sandberg

Hurricane Harvey made landfall one year ago. It was a strong storm, but together, we are stronger. In this fireside chat, Sheryl Sandberg, co-founder of, speaks with Pink Petro Founder/CEO Katie Mehnert about the #HarveyHeroes. Sheryl had the opportunity...

The GRIT Awards is so much more than a ceremony, so join us

We held the first GRIT Awards back in March because we identified a profound need to honor the unsung heroes of energy — the leaders in our industry who are committed to growth, resilience, innovation and transition.

Lean In Energy leverages digital to scale mentoring for women in energy

Since then, a small army of volunteers have been putting together something very special. It’s a group comprised of engineers, senior VPs, geologists, women and men from all different backgrounds with a passion for mentorship and a desire to be a part of something bigger. 

Futurist Crystal Washington on the power and ‘potholes’ of technology

Crystal Washington knew the value of social media for corporate America early on.

How a hurricane blew us into some pretty cool digs

When Hurricane Harvey hit the city of Houston one year ago, Pink Petro HQ was in its path. Our space wasn’t flooded, but the building that housed that space was so badly damaged, we couldn’t go back.