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The Power of Power: Why We Need Women to Help Rebuild Our Infrastructure

In 2017, a rapid succession of powerful hurricanes battered coastlines from Florida to Texas, the Virgin Islands to Puerto Rico.  Collectively, we realized something we’ve always known but never thought too much about: Power is everything.  I’m not talking about political...

Innovation is about people and culture, not tech

Last week I had the chance to meet with 300+ professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs at the first SPE Energy Dot conference. The panel discussion was geared at looking at a topic near and dear to me: the workforce of the future. Innovation was...

How to Combat Weight Discrimination in the United States

Businesses approach me about creating diversity and inclusion programs to discuss gender, race and sexual discrimination in the workplace. But many employers forget about weight discrimination, even though it is just as common. Some call weight discrimination the size ceiling, and it keeps important talent from having a voice in many companies....

Sex Trafficking is outside your door

We, the oil and gas industry, have been rising up to fight the global boom in labor and sex trafficking, estimated to generate $150 billion annually, and I am one of those using my voice and network to push awareness and action for professionals with the pro...

Why We Need a Few (More) Good Men in Energy

We believe there are more than a few good men in energy and when we meet one, like Hugh Connett, we love to tell the world about it.

Do You Have a Nap Pod at Work Yet?

A few years ago, sleeping on the job was a sure way to lose a job. However, these days, napping at work is becoming one of the hottest corporate trends. More companies are waking up and realizing the advantages of allowing employees to take short naps during...

EQUINOR: Leading the Charge to New Frontiers in Energy

Rooted in Nordic heritage, Equinor, an international energy company, is leading the charge to explore new frontiers. While its foundation is in oil and gas, the company has expanded its reach to include wind and solar, and it’s becoming a driving force in renewables. We are pleased...

Training the NextGen: STEM and innovation are key

The future of the energy industry is our young people. Stirring their interest in energy careers is key to inspiring a new generation of innovators, researchers, and leaders. The Office of Fossil Energy recognizes this too and offers a number of STEM workforce development...

Now is the Time to Act

n the UK, only 36% of women believe gender diversity is important to their CEO in oil and gas. The time for change is now. The POWERful Women UK is a network helping to drive gender diversity.

There’s a badge for that…

STEM, mechanical engineering, robotics There's more to Girl Scouting than cookie selling. STEM is one of the newest badges of honor within the 107 year old organization. That's just one message Mary Vitek delivered during HERWorld19. The CEO...

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