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Washington wants to know about the energy workforce of the future…

Congress isn't done when it comes to the discussion on the energy workforce.  Katie Mehnert, our Founder and CEO visited DC to testify about the energy workforce the future in February. This week we heard back from Energy Committee Chairman Pallone and Honorable...

6 Ways to Strengthen Leadership Skills

We often hear people described as “born leaders.” While some individuals might have natural tendencies for leading others, leadership is very much a skill you can nurture and develop. Although what defines a great leader has significantly evolved over time, today’s rapidly changing, globalized business world means...

3 Ways to Stop Burnout

Some days you just aren’t mentally as sharp or physically alert as you usually are.  You walk into your office feeling sluggish, tired, and a step behind.

Leading with Gratitude

We’ve all experienced some combination from the leadership grab bag: the dictator, the credit-taker, the best friend, the doormat, and, everyone’s favorite — the micromanager. It’s easy to list all the types of poor leadership in the workplace, but what makes a good leader?

Signs We Don’t Read: Sharp Turn Ahead

I counted my pedal strokes one at a time, down, up, wiping sweat off my brow. One, two, three, four, five… Will this never end? …548, 549, 550! Counting kept my mind focused so I could make...

Kicking Off Your 2019 Marketing Plan

Remember January? Okay, this is the last day, but if you’re scrambling, you’re not alone. Many marketing teams are overwhelmed at the end of the year with last-minute projects, budget spend, and preparing for next year’s campaigns. But there are some critical team- and company-based activities...

Otaku and The Purple Cow – Looking for something special

Marketing and business development are not the same for this industry as they are for shoe industry, or for athletic equipment marketing or food and beverage sales. I learned this back when I first started working for the French Embassy Trade Office. I was...

6 Easy Ways to Stay Energized During Conferences

If you’re attending a conference in the coming weeks, here are a few simple ideas to help you stay energized - both physically and mentally- over the course of the event. Stay hydrated Whether you’ve got an early morning flight...

The fight for my son’s life: lessons learned

It’s 1995. My son is less than 12 months old, has already been hospitalized countless times for pneumonia and, now,  infected by Clostridium, a bacterium that is life-threatening for an infant. No medicine is helping him, and the medical staff is preparing me for the loss of a life unless a solution is found.

Faces of Energy: John Sequeira on the Industry Value Proposition

The industry has to do a better job conveying the message about why this is a great industry to work. And this doesn’t just apply to college grads. Some of the best paying hourly jobs in the country are in the petrochemical industry and we’re not marketing these opportunities well.

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