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Email Overload: Try This Quick Tip

Email is the worst distraction.  A number of different studies conducted support assertions that email isn’t the best tool for staying productive and stress-free. Here's a quick tip on eliminating the distraction of email when you're trying to work.

How can you help women?

People ask me all the time how they can help me. They ask how they can help women. Men ask this question now more. I tell them three things: buy from women but follow the money, invest in women, and promote women.

The day I fell over…

"Senorita? Senorita?" she asked. It was about 8:00 PM when I woke up to the cleaning staff and realized I had been knocked out cold. What got me there? How did it happen? I wasn't sure. Disoriented and craving...

How Companies Can Afford to Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion initiatives have been knocking on Corporate America’s door for several years. Whether or not companies have the resources to implement strong D&I programs appears to be the pain point. Seems like organizations are beginning to realize diversity and inclusion programs aren’t something you can...

3 Ways to Stop Burnout

Some days you just aren’t mentally as sharp or physically alert as you usually are.  You walk into your office feeling sluggish, tired, and a step behind.

Signs We Don’t Read: Falling Rocks

Photo Source: Shutterstock When we look at highly successful people, all we see is the image they present to us.  They appear composed, confident, and have the traditional signs of success – prominent job, high salary. Their lives seem to be under...

Signs We Don’t Read: Sharp Turn Ahead

I counted my pedal strokes one at a time, down, up, wiping sweat off my brow. One, two, three, four, five… Will this never end? …548, 549, 550! Counting kept my mind focused so I could make...

Signs We Don’t Read: HOV Lane

HOV – High Occupancy Vehicles.  To be in this lane, we must have at least one other person with us.  Only with a friend, relative or colleague can we speed by the scores of slow-moving vehicles, grinding their way through Houston gridlock.  As they weave in and out of lanes just...

Signs We Don’t Read – Maximum Load

It’s a new year and hopefully you’re feeling rested and energetic after enjoying a break during the holiday season.  Before you know it, however, the old schedule and the many commitments will build back up.  You’ll be tempted to say “yes”, and perhaps to too many things. You may also...

Conquering the Half: Applying Training Lessons for Workplace Success

Contributed by: Wood Mackenzie, A Verisk Business "The excitement around half marathons often is the same as at a marathon — except you get to go home early."Hal Higdon, legendary running guru and former world masters champion When I decided to...

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