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Why STEM Majors Should Look at Energy Careers

Energy Careers are Well-Suited to STEM Majors Many people believe that you can only find energy careers if you have a degree that specifically relates to the sector, but nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, when Florida’s Women in Energy Leadership...

8 Myths Keeping Women Out of Energy Careers Today

It’s Time for Women to Rethink Energy Careers Think energy careers aren’t a good fit for you? Think again. Careers in energy can be incredibly rewarding, but many women skip over open positions because they’re unaware of how much the industry has to offer and, all...

Why Energy Companies Struggle Without Women in Leadership

Companies don't have enough women in leadership roles Women in leadership have always been underrepresented across virtually all industries. According to the US Department of Labor, women account for approximately 47% of the workforce, yet little more than 6% of Fortune 500 companies have...

6 Jobs to Kickstart Your Career in Energy

Careers in Energy Can Take You Places Careers in energy offer opportunity for growth, strong salaries, and can be immensely rewarding, but many people believe that you have to have an energy-related degree or be an engineer to get into this lucrative field. A recent survey shows...

Embracing the Millennial Revolution in the Workplace

Millennials now constitute the largest workforce and consumer segment in the United States.  More than one in three American workers are millennials.  Their perspective and buying power is revolutionizing our workplaces and our economy. As The Greatest Generation passes away and the...

6 In-Demand Skills in the Energy Sector Today

Women Choose Energy Women getting into the energy sector today will not be disappointed. A survey from Florida’s Women in Energy Leadership Forum reveals that 100% agree they’d choose the same field if they were given the opportunity to select again. For comparison, just...

What Millennials Want in an Energy Career

Millennial Values: Building Passion for an Oil and Gas Career in the Next Generation The coffee-wielding tech-savvy socially-aware millennial employee often gets a bad rap for being a disloyal entitled complainer yet they are the future, and the present, of the workforce so the...

‘Get intentional’ about the team you want to create

On 20 June, PinkPetro had the privilege to host two thought leaders in leadership and digital transformation: Khaliah Guillory and Jim Claunch. Before launching her health and wellness star-up Nap Bar, Khaliah was a VP at Wells Fargo. Jim was a leader...

Rock your Personal Brand on LinkedIn: A Cheat Sheet

One of the questions we get asked here at Pink Petro is, ’how do I build my personal brand?’. We gathered some top tips from LinkedIn and wanted to share them. According to LinkedIn, the best times to post are:

Back to work

After 15 long months of no work and no income, I finally got the message that I’d almost given up all hope of ever receiving... I'm headed back! "You'll be flying out to the rig either this Wednesday or...

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