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6 In-Demand Skills in the Energy Sector Today

Women Choose Energy Women getting into the energy sector today will not be disappointed. A survey from Florida’s Women in Energy Leadership Forum reveals that 100% agree they’d choose the same field if they were given the opportunity to select again. For comparison, just...

‘Get intentional’ about the team you want to create

On 20 June, PinkPetro had the privilege to host two thought leaders in leadership and digital transformation: Khaliah Guillory and Jim Claunch. Before launching her health and wellness star-up Nap Bar, Khaliah was a VP at Wells Fargo. Jim was a leader...

Rock your Personal Brand on LinkedIn: A Cheat Sheet

One of the questions we get asked here at Pink Petro is, ’how do I build my personal brand?’. We gathered some top tips from LinkedIn and wanted to share them. According to LinkedIn, the best times to post are:

Back to work

After 15 long months of no work and no income, I finally got the message that I’d almost given up all hope of ever receiving... I'm headed back! "You'll be flying out to the rig either this Wednesday or...

How to Rock Your Workplace Equality Program

The pressure is on for organizations of all sizes to pay attention to workplace equality. Women and minorities, including LGBTQIA+ employees and employees with disabilities, perform better if they feel supported and a part of the corporate culture, rather than a lone wolf or odd person out....

Your Body Keeps Score – and it Always Wins

The evening started out with getting ready for a charity gala, ended with a life-changing experience. Jenny McCauley, SVP of Southwestern Energy, was socializing and dancing at an event she had been looking forward to when intense pain almost made her collapse on the dance floor.  She...

Email Overload: Try This Quick Tip

Email is the worst distraction.  A number of different studies conducted support assertions that email isn’t the best tool for staying productive and stress-free. Here's a quick tip on eliminating the distraction of email when you're trying to work.

How can you help women?

People ask me all the time how they can help me. They ask how they can help women. Men ask this question now more. I tell them three things: buy from women but follow the money, invest in women, and promote women.

The day I fell over…

"Senorita? Senorita?" she asked. It was about 8:00 PM when I woke up to the cleaning staff and realized I had been knocked out cold. What got me there? How did it happen? I wasn't sure. Disoriented and craving...

How Companies Can Afford to Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion initiatives have been knocking on Corporate America’s door for several years. Whether or not companies have the resources to implement strong D&I programs appears to be the pain point. Seems like organizations are beginning to realize diversity and inclusion programs aren’t something you can...

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