Angie Gildea on building value for your company — and yourself

The best advice Angie Gildea was given in her career was to focus on building value for the company she works for. Angie — an Upstream expert at KPMG  — took this advice to heart and learned quickly how to understand what the companies she worked for valued and how to be...

Great expectations: Deal-making in the renewable energy sector

Who is taking advantage of the opportunities? Who is holding back, worried about the inherent risk? Our sponsor, KPMG, spoke with 200 senior-level investors to create this new, comprehensive report...

Fueling the future: Preparing the downstream oil and gas industry for the mobility revolution

The increasing adoption of electric vehicles will ultimately have a profound impact on oil refining, retail fuel and lubricants demand. Oil and gas companies know this.

Add your insights to the Energy Outlook Survey

The KPMG Global Energy Institute is pleased to invite you to add your insights to the 2018 Energy Outlook Survey.

OPEC Meeting: What’s the Focus?

With informal OPEC talks scheduled to take place in Algeria later this month, early comments from member countries signal that measures to "restore stability and order to the oil market" will be the focus of the discussions.

Webcast: Chinese growth in chemicals

Global Chemicals: Key industry trends and opportunities. China’s growth. Indian development. U.S. shale. European recovery.

US energy vs. Russian industry

US expanded sanctions in relation to the Russian energy industry. This in substance involves participating or assisting with new energy projects, the most notable one being North Stream 2, a parallel pipeline for additional Russian exports to Germany with a an additional projected capacity of 55 billion cubic meters.

Join Us in Mexico City: KPMG’s 6th Annual Energy Conference

The KPMG Global Energy Institute cordially invites you to attend the 6th annual KPMG LATAM Energy Conference on Thursday, August 31, 2017, at the St. Regis Hotel in Mexico City, Mexico.

Crazy, rich tightening in Asia

The current low crude oil price environment, in conjunction with the response from Asia's refineries, has bolstered refined product inventories.

Global Energy Conference: What you missed

The KPMG Global Energy Institute is proud to announce the release of the 2017 KPMG Global Energy Conference Recap.

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