Have the moon and stars aligned?

Whether or not the moon and stars were in alignment was the question on the table at the Houston Energy Breakfast Friday, March 29, 2019, with 300+ industry professionals in attendance. The energy breakfast has been around for more than 25 years. In...

Building effective climate governance

At its 2019 annual meeting in Davos, the World Economic Forum (WEF) published guidance for corporate boards on how to establish climate governance at their companies. Why is climate governance a board responsibility? Is climate change now accepted as a business risk? In my...

Making the jump: How taking risks helped elevate my career

By: Regina Mayor According to KPMG’s latest Women’s Leadership Study, seven in ten women (69%) are open to taking small risks to further their career, but far fewer (43%) are open to taking the bigger risks that are often associated with career advancement. Only...

Leading with Gratitude

We’ve all experienced some combination from the leadership grab bag: the dictator, the credit-taker, the best friend, the doormat, and, everyone’s favorite — the micromanager. It’s easy to list all the types of poor leadership in the workplace, but what makes a good leader?

What’s the deal with data and analytics?

....and how are P&U affected? For answers to questions like these, Sunny Sharma is the man. The Principal Architect with KPMG Australia was in Brussels recently for the 8th Annual Global Power & Utilities Conference. Sharma shares

Listen up, newbies!

Energy's future is powered by a younger generation. Isabel Aguilera is okay with that. She was one of the keynote speakers at KPMG's recent Global Power & Utilities Conference in Brussels. According to Fortune magazine, she is one of the...

Simon says this about the energy transition

Big developments happening in the industry According to Simon Virley of KPMG, there is a huge transition underway. "The penetration of renewables is unstoppable right now."Simon Virley, Partner and UK Head of Energy/KPMG in the UK

Power of the people

More than 200 industry peers from more than 30 countries gathered in Brussels for the 8th Annual KPMG Global Power & Utilities Conference. The jam-packed agenda kicked off with the Women's Energy Breakfast, followed by several panel discussions. Hot topics included...

Defining the future of Energy HR for the 21st Century

KPMG asked 1,200 international HR leaders to define the function for success in the 21st century. The KPMG Global Energy Institute can now offer the results with a specific focus on the energy sector. The Oil & Gas report can be downloaded here, and the...

Energy has embraced the digital revolution

The Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey is the largest IT leadership study in the world, with almost 4,000 respondents across 84 countries. We are pleased to announce that we can now offer our survey results with a specific lens on the energy sector. The Power & Utilities...

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