Mentoring Program Q&A

Thank you for your interest in the Lean In Energy Mentoring Program.  We have compiled this list of common questions and answers to provide additional details about the program. What are Lean In Energy’s offerings?

Copper turns pink

We welcome Gulf Copper, our newest corporate member. Our newest corporate member company aims to be the preferred provider of marine and offshore services. This includes a host of capabilities: ship and rig repairs, fabrication, industrial expansion and machining services.

5 Ways to Foster LGBT+ Inclusivity in the Workplace

Contributed by: Wood Mackenzie, A Verisk Business It's no secret, people perform better in the workplace when they are accepted without exception. As a result, organisations have a distinct responsibility to ensure their LGBT+ employees are encouraged to reach...

Amazon’s Alexa Knows Pink Petro: Do You?

“Alexa, what is Pink Petro?” You know you’ve arrived when your 7-year-old daughter asks that question, and Alexa has an immediate answer from Wikipedia. That’s just one of many accomplishments founder/CEO Katie Mehnert shared during the Global Community Council’s last meeting of the year.

Coffee & Conversation with Wood Mackenzie

Wood Mackenzie hosts inaugural women's leadership breakfast It was billed as an opportunity for leading women in the energy industry to discuss the ever-changing landscape. Pink Petro corporate partner, Wood Mackenzie, held its first-ever women's breakfast during the October Houston Energy Forum.

Diversity in the Workplace: Without Accountability, It’s Just Lip Service

Companies in the energy industry are paying attention to inclusion and diversity. But beyond awareness, what are they doing about it? Recent studies like the Energy and Diversity Inclusion Index and the Women in the Workplace 2018 asked employees pointed questions on these issues.

The value and importance of being a mentor

There’s a Buddhist proverb that says If you light a lamp for someone, it will also brighten your own path. Take a moment to ruminate in that truth. There is boundless potential in our industry. There is no lack for professionals with years of experience who are bursting...

Walking the walk: How Wood Mackenzie is driving industry change

Today, more companies are talking about the importance of inclusion. But how many of them really walk the walk? Pink Petro’s newest global member, Wood Mackenzie, does. And we are delighted to have them on board.

With the energy transition, Shell is investing in the power of colorful inclusion

This past summer, a handful of Shell stations in Amsterdam got a bit of a makeover. Building on Shell’s signature yellow and red, crucial components of their brand’s identity, four stations were adorned with rainbows — across their facades, their pumps and on the...

Demystifying D&I Data: It’s More about Action than Data

This year, at the 2018 GRIT Awards on October 3rd, we discussed the need for diversity and inclusion – and we backed it up with real data and “gritty” truth about our industry. Our panel of expert energy and cultural change leaders demystified data about...

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