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6 Easy Ways to Stay Energized During Conferences

If you’re attending a conference in the coming weeks, here are a few simple ideas to help you stay energized - both physically and mentally- over the course of the event. Stay hydrated Whether you’ve got an early morning flight...

The fight for my son’s life: lessons learned

It’s 1995. My son is less than 12 months old, has already been hospitalized countless times for pneumonia and, now,  infected by Clostridium, a bacterium that is life-threatening for an infant. No medicine is helping him, and the medical staff is preparing me for the loss of a life unless a solution is found.

Back to Work…Finally

After 15 long months of no work and no income I finally got the message that I’d almost given up all hope of ever receiving... "You'll be flying out to the rig either this Wednesday or next Wednesday!" I'm...

Faces of Energy: John Sequeira on the Industry Value Proposition

The industry has to do a better job conveying the message about why this is a great industry to work. And this doesn’t just apply to college grads. Some of the best paying hourly jobs in the country are in the petrochemical industry and we’re not marketing these opportunities well.

Leading As a “Best Athlete”

There is no doubt that it has been a tough two years in the oil patch. Every company in the industry has felt the impact. The changing market has led to shelved projects, cost reductions and lost jobs. No one can ignore the emotional toll of losing...

Making Connections

We’ve all heard that the keys to getting that great job, that next promotion or the lead for a special project are: doing a great job, delivering business results, being a team player and having a great mentor or sponsor.

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