Why be a mentor?

 Thinking of becoming a mentor in Lean In Energy?  Wondering who makes a good mentor? The answer is YOU! Why be a Mentor?  We’re at a pivotal moment and now is the time to engage in empowering women across the energy...

Finally a mentoring program for all women in energy, Lean In Energy

Lean In Energy formed in 2015 out of a desire for Pink Petro members to receive mentoring. Lean In Energy is a global chapter of mentoring circles empowering women to achieve their ambitions within the energy vertical.  In 2018, Pink Petro founder and CEO commissioned the...

Manage Those Great Ideas

Do you have loads of great ideas? You start working on one, then another idea comes along so you drop that to work on the new one. And NOTHING gets done! Here's a better way! https://youtu.be/0MobiqqaeXM

The 3 things you need to build a strong culture

We get this question a lot: What does it take to build a strong, inclusive company culture? The answer is far from simple. Many companies try and fail to find the secret ingredient — free food, unlimited vacation time, open workspaces...

What Community Resilience Looks Like with Sheryl Sandberg

Hurricane Harvey made landfall one year ago. It was a strong storm, but together, we are stronger. In this fireside chat, Sheryl Sandberg, co-founder of LeanIn.org, speaks with Pink Petro Founder/CEO Katie Mehnert about the #HarveyHeroes. Sheryl had the opportunity...

Career Tips Over Coffee: Realizing Our Potential

Last week I attended the Global Leadership Summit, which once again was an amazing experience with incredible and inspiring leaders.   The Summit is an annual event for me as I invest in my own leadership development.  One of the speakers was Erwin McManus, a designer, businessman and...

The Courage to Change

I started Women Leading Together in the fall of 2012.  It was the launch of my second career after a rewarding and successful corporate career.  I had the basic idea for what I wanted to do in early 2011.  So what happened in the following year and a half?

8 Signs You’re Too Stressed

I was vacationing on a houseboat in Arkansas with about ten family members, all of whom I love and with whom I enjoy spending time.  One day, however, there were one too many complaints, one too many requests and a few too many people around me.  So...

Career Tips Over Coffee: When Does Ambition Become Stress?

In my Lean In mentoring circle recently we tackled the topic of “When does our ambition end up causing too much stress?”  Intermittent stress is fine.  It helps us win the race, get the project finished, achieve the goal.  It’s when stress becomes chronic...

Career Transition: From Exploration to Action

My clients often seek coaching when they’re experiencing a major transition.  They could be in a new professional role and want to develop critical skills needed to work at the higher level.  Perhaps they’re frustrated from having their hard work overlooked.  Or maybe they’re looking for a...

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