Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Mary Johnson


Mary Johnson is a champion of women in business — from innovators and entrepreneurs to executives and nonprofit leaders and founder of Brave New Word.




Colette Honorable built a life and a legacy on GRIT

The word “grit” means a lot to Colette Honorable, the former commissioner of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and a speaker at HERWorld Energy Forum on March 8.

How Melody Meyer became an energy industry rock star

Melody Meyer spent 37 years with Chevron. She went through five major price cycles. She worked in Angola, Kazakhstan...

Each year, there are more than a few good men at HERWorld.

At HERWorld18, we turned the energy gender gap on its head. In an industry where women comprise about 20 percent of the workforce, most energy conferences have a similar percentage of female speakers. At HERWorld18, we too had a roughly 80/20 breakdown.

Women of Halliburton: Meet Misty Rowe, Cementing Technology Portfolio Manager

Halliburton, a valued Pink Petro community sponsor and corporate member, is publishing a series of videos across social media as part of...

How Experience Energy can help you find your next great hire

By now, the benefits of inclusion have become well-known and well-documented. Diverse companies are stronger, safer, more innovative and more profitable. 

With the energy transition, Shell is investing in the power of colorful inclusion

This past summer, a handful of Shell stations in Amsterdam got a bit of a makeover. Building on Shell’s...

Nooshin Yazhari on taking chances and making the impossible possible

This week in our series Profiles in GRIT, we introduce you to Nooshin Yazhari, the president and CEO of Optimum Consultancy Services.

It’s back — Rice University’s popular course on Leadership and Decision Making kicks off Oct 2nd!

We’ve been talking a lot lately about celebrating energy’s leaders. Our GRIT Awards, coming up next month, provide an opportunity to recognize those...

Announcing the finalists for the 2018 GRIT Awards…

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- August 23, 2018 — Today, Experience Energy, the global careers site that connects energy companies with diverse talent, announced the finalists...