Thursday, July 2, 2020

Lisa Crilley Mallis


Lisa Crilley Mallis provides customized, practical solutions to everyday efficiency challenges, allowing her clients to focus on taking strategic action.




Email Overload: Try This Quick Tip

Email is the worst distraction.  A number of different studies conducted support assertions that email isn’t the best tool for staying productive...

3 Ways to Stop Burnout

Some days you just aren’t mentally as sharp or physically alert as you usually are.  You walk into your office feeling sluggish, tired, and a step behind.

How to pick just one goal

If you could focus for the next 30 days on ONE goal, what would it be? What do you want to work...

Manage Those Great Ideas

Do you have loads of great ideas? You start working on one, then another idea comes along so you drop that to...

Is it Time to Unschedule?

One of the most common challenges my high-achieving clients have is procrastination. Now, you may think that “high achieving” and “procrastination” shouldn’t be used in the same sentence . . . but it is true!

Quick Tip: Never Miss an Appointment Again

Here's a simple fix when you rely on your phone to remind you of important tasks.