Thursday, July 2, 2020

Khaliah Guillory


Khaliah motivates companies by bringing new thought leadership to the table. She is also the founder of Nap Bar, a self-care, health and wellness program.




How to Combat Weight Discrimination in the United States

Businesses approach me about creating diversity and inclusion programs to discuss gender, race and sexual discrimination in the workplace. But many employers forget about weight...

How to Rock Your Workplace Equality Program

The pressure is on for organizations of all sizes to pay attention to workplace equality. Women and minorities, including LGBTQIA+ employees and...

Do You Have a Nap Pod at Work Yet?

A few years ago, sleeping on the job was a sure way to lose a job. However, these days, napping at work...

Why Diversity and Inclusion Programs Are a Must-Have in Corporate America

When only five percent of Fortune 500 CEO’sin corporate America are women, businesses see the writing on the wall. Truly, we need diversity...

How Companies Can Afford to Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion initiatives have been knocking on Corporate America’s door for several years. Whether or not companies have the resources to...