Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Katie Mehnert


Katie Mehnert is the CEO and Founder of Pink Petro and Experience Energy. She's an author, speaker, and sought out expert on energy culture and talent.




What’s Our Take: Wonder Women, Industry Reputation, and Career Transitions

This week's episode of What's Our Take includes this week's energy news, a new E&Y reputation study in oil and gas. Watch guests...

What Is Pink Petro TV?

Like  The Birth of Pink Petro happened on a few paper napkins on that 777 from London to Houston, several months back I...

Connecting and Creating Community with Cheniere Energy

Today I had the pleasure of connecting with the Cheniere Energy's WILS resource group.  Notice I didn't call them a network because if you've been around me or Pink Petro long enough you know I cannot stand that word.

What’s Our Take: Trump withdraws from Paris Climate Deal

Today's show is about breakup and shakeups.  We have Annise Parker in to talk about Trump's decision to withdraw the US from...

The State of Energy with BP’s Lamar McKay

The energy industry is a key driver of the global economy, and in no other place is it more important than in...

Melody Meyer Elected to the BP plc Board

We congratulate Melody Meyer for her election as a non-executive director to the BP p.l.c. Board at the company’s annual general meeting on 17 May.

Pink Petro TV Wrap: Lean In, All In, Join In

Executives, professionals, students and community leaders from Shell, Chevron, ExxonMobil, BP, Phillips66, INTECSEA Worley Parsons, GE Oil and Gas, Emerson Automation, Weatherford, Halliburton, Forum Technologies, Marathon Oil, Southwestern Energy and several other companies came together to talk about the workforce of the future.

The time to mentor other women is now

By Katie Mehnert, Guest Contributor Originally published in the Houston Business Journal My daughter is...

OP-ED: U.S. energy industry’s gender gap needs spotlight

This original piece ran on March 7, 2017 in the Houston Chronicle. Photo: Castlen Moore Kennedy, then manager of...