Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Katie Mehnert


Katie Mehnert is the CEO and Founder of Pink Petro and Experience Energy. She's an author, speaker, and sought out expert on energy culture and talent.




Do you know a power player?

Nominate now for Exxon Mobil's Power Play Awards in LNG

Class of 2020: May You Find the Opportunity in Crisis

Twenty three years has passed since I graduated from Louisiana State University. That day was filled with so many emotions,...

Big oil’s climate pledges will fail without workforce equality

This OP-ED originally appeared in the World Economic Forum gender equality insights blog.

Is the energy industry ready to return to work?

Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have set out new guidelines for U.S. schools, restaurants and other workplaces looking to...

Study says mental health challenges are on the rise in the energy workforce

UH Energy and Pink Petro partnered to look at the impact of COVID-19 on the workforce and here's what we found.

Corporate Membership Launch Checklist

We are thrilled to have you join Pink Petro. Below are the steps to launch.This is designed to help you launch...

Are you thinking beyond crisis?

Wesleyne Greer with Transformed Sales talks about how to think beyond the crisis of the COVID pandemic. Greer shares a model for how to identify your value proposition, goals, activities and tasks needed to be successful.

Pink Petro COVID-19 Resource Guide

The COVID-19 virus is disrupting our world.   It's dramatically altering how people connect, live and do business. At the...

COVID-19 Energy Workforce Study Launched

The energy industry’s first quarter of 2020 has been marked by rock bottom oil prices, and challenges imposed by the COVID19 outbreak including travel restrictions,...